Nearly Half of Republicans Could imagine backing Military Coup

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“New poll out from YouGov that is even more concerning than some of the other crazy polls we’ve covered recently. How many people in this country would be in favor of a military coup? The answer may surprise you… Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down…

“29% of Americans could imagine a situation in which they would support the military seizing control of the federal government, while 41% could not imagine such a situation.

Republicans (43%) are more than twice as likely as Democrats (20%) to say that they could conceive of a situation in which they would support a military coup in the United States. Independents tend to say that they could not (38%) rather than could (29%) imagine supporting a coup.”

[The YouGov poll is here]

The Young Turks: “Almost Half Of Republicans Support A Military Coup”

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  1. sorry,
    but who would General Petraeus seize control from ?
    Admiral Rogers, Director of the NSA ?

    some other figurehead of the invisible military-industrial-congressional-banker-security complex ?

    • It wouldn’t be invisible anymore. Which means it wouldn’t hold back against the people that those in the poll supporting the idea want rounded up and put in concentration camps. They want a coup for their convenience, not the military.

      Find out about the Oathkeepers cult in the military. Also Mikey Weinstein’s work against Christian penetration of the military’s officer corps.

  2. Of course they would ! It’s the culmination of their psychological and sociological imperialism, exalting patriarchy and violent domination !

  3. Initially, I was going to comment that the poll was biased to give a positive response; I can imagine a hypothetical situation where I would support a coup such as “the president illegally stole the election and is about to start a nuclear war.” However, the second poll question was less hypothetical and did have a disturbing response. In case Americans haven’t noticed, since 9/11 the presidents have been serially violating the constitution. Some of the NSA spying predates 9/11.

  4. I think for these persons, using Christian “conscience” to Jim Crow the Constitution again, or secession, or supporting the rise of a fuhrer Trump, or supporting a military coup with their own private guns are all simply paths to a monopoly on power. The question is, can their factions be set against each other to prevent them from unifying and throwing their guns behind one would-be tyrant?

    I am certain that the rich do not want secession to become more than a Southern bluff to extort Jim Crow-type local exceptions to the Constitution. Secession means the end of our military empire and God knows how much of our overseas business depends on its existence. Their optimal solution is probably “one country, two systems” as we had after Reconstruction collapsed – a true return to the Gilded Age for business. Trump and a military coup probably have much the same appeal for secular greedbags, holding the country together at the seeming sacrifice of unpopular Wall Street.

    Let’s not forget the DuPont coup plot of 1934.

  5. Brian, I take your point. We live in a corrupt republic where corporate-financial-security interests have an enormous and undemocratic influence over the federal government,and where access to one’s constitutional rights are distributed very, very unequally in practice between whites and blacks, haves and have-nots. But you can’t actually think that things would be no different if the military directly controlled the country and we no longer had any recourse to appeal constitutional rights, legal process, freedom of speech and assembly, elections, etc. If you actually can’t imagine how much worse than this things would be if we lived in a military dictatorship, it is just a sign of how lucky you and I have been lucky enough never actually lived through the horrors of a military dictatorship. We live in a country much like the European parliamentary democracies of the 1920s and 1930s: decadent, corrupt, unequal, ineffective, capitalist, dominated by the upper-classes. But there is a huge difference between that a fascist Italy or Spain, Nazi Germany, or the USSR. (For one thing, my activist friends aren’t all in jail, in concentration camps, or dead).

  6. Corporate-controlled media, h8 radio and peer group pressure via “social media” and some of the so-called “churches” are taking a significant toll on the growing number of limited attention span, over-medicated, insecure and undereducated folk in our once great country.

    It is truly amazing and saddening to witness good people actively work against their own interests and those of their families at the indirect behest of a handful of wealthy reactionaries.

    • The people in the poll didn’t state their reasons but one can speculate: i.e. they have a deep-seated hatred of President Obama and are angry that they’re out of power but are too lazy or inept to get themselves legitimately elected.

  7. Apparently these clowns overlook the fact that a military coup could very well be accompanied by a crackdown, if not outright prohibition, on gun ownership.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    • I think they expect the military to lead them and their personal guns in a glorious crackdown on everybody they hate.

      It is little known that the early Reagan administration floated a trial balloon to create a national militia, supposedly in case the National Guard had to be called away for a war (presumably the Big One against the Soviets). They even set up tables at gun shows and took names of interested citizens.

      The idea went nowhere, but the tables at the gun shows kept going, morphing into the militia movement of the ’90s and its descendants.

      We can also recall that the Brownshirts reached a strength of 4 million Germans at the time of Hitler’s victory; in effect the militia was the Nazi Party and its real grass-roots power. Maybe our gun nuts will be willing to support anything that restricts ownership of combat-useful weapons to those who look like themselves. Right-wing talk about “a militia of all the people” refers to a time when the colonies were essentially a white warrior tribe engaged in a war of aggression and enslavement against people of color.

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