Can Bernie Sanders become the Frontrunner coming out of Labor Day Weekend?

Ed Schultz | The Ed Show | (Video Interview) | – –

“Presidential Candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT, joins Ed Schultz to discuss a wide range of issues including why his message is resonating with Democrats, how he responds to those who say he can’t win, getting respect from the media, and the narrative that he doesn’t connect with African Americans.”

The Ed Show: “Sen. Bernie Sanders Joins Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Friday the 4th of September”

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  1. Both Sanders and Trump are emblematic of the simple fact that a majority of Americans are simply fed up with the current state of our nation and the obvious imbalance which corporate-controlled media is attempting to SELL as acceptable. It is NOT acceptable.

    Other Presidential candidates and current members of Congress should heed well the warning the popularity these very unlikely candidates have achieved and represent.

    The constant state of war. The monkey-grabbing of common wealth and power into the hands of the few. The forced divisiveness in an armed nation of IMMIGRANTS is absurd and now dangerous. The abolition of privacy kicked-off by a dramatic act of orchestrated terror. The ignorant indifference towards our only home, Mother Earth, which threatens every living thing on our planet. An asinine replacement of American democracy by an oligarchy of anal-retentive greed, dynastic control and institutionalized corruption can no longer be tolerated.

    Sanders and Trump are a loud and clear message.

    Make no mistake about it.

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