A First: New York City Schools close for Muslim Holy Day

Deena Takruri | (Aj+ video report)

“New York City public-school students will get the day off this Thursday, Sept. 24, for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. Summer-school students will also get off for Eid al-Fitr starting next year. Is this a signal of change in the public’s perception of Islam?”

AJ+: “School’s Out For Muslim Holiday Of Eid In NYC”

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    • In Hamtramck, MI, a Yemeni-American Muslim, Saad Almasmary, is expected to be sworn in to fill a vacancy on City Council which will make it the first majority Islamic city council in U.S. history.

      The Almasmary appointment – due to the death of a sitting City Council member – leaves three Bangladeshi-Americans and now a Yemeni-American on its seven-member City Council. Almasmary had finished just behind the now-deceased City Council member in the last City Council election and will accede to that member’s seat by operation of the City Charter.

      While Dearborn, MI has an Arab-American majority city council, half of its Arab members are Christian.

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