Bernie Sanders: Why I’m sick of Clinton’s email

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Sen. Bernie Sanders says he is tired of talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails instead of focusing on income equality and other issues affecting Americans.”

(Democratic Debate) Bernie Sanders: Why I’m sick of Clinton’s email

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  1. From what I’m hearing/reading so far, Senator Sanders “won the morning” for his Hillary email quote, due probably to his use of “the D-word.” There’s been little substantive followup, just highlighting that “damned.” Again, I fear for our democracy.

  2. Disappointing that Sanders is throwing it away. The email server is important since it wasn’t secure, contained classified material and was against the rules. Clinton said that it was for convenience. That’s not good enough. There is the widespread perception that she’s untrustworthy that Sanders should exploit. Is he simple?

    • The partisan witchhunt is an essential characteristic of the Republican Party. It is too provocative to demonize the hundred million supporters of the Democratic Party directly, so their leaders must be demonized instead. From Clinton to Swiftboating to Gore-paranoia to Birtherism, the intent is to wall off an entire universe of political possibilities that working Americans need to know about by indoctrinating them with the idea that those possibilities are only a front by a conspiracy of evil socialists, scheming non-whites, Satanic gays, etc, whose leaders must be traitors: the leaders of the Democratic Party, no matter how centrist they actually are. Manichean dualism, us vs them in God’s war. This murderous fantasy keeps the GOP base voting to screw themselves to make their own leaders richer and more powerful to save them all from the Devil.

      Sanders is correct in understanding the e-mail issue is simply trivial compared to the issues he’s talking about, and as long as tabloid politics are the order of the day, he has no chance of changing anything about America. He can’t win unless he teaches American voters a lesson about what matters, and he has to start early. It’s not about personages, it’s about the fundamental ends of democratic policy.

    • You obviously don’t know that there is a separate system at State for sending classified material. If anything was so marked it would not have gone to the HRC server. Nor was it against the rules. New rules set by the White House were not promulgated and in effect until after her departure. Some of what you call her being untrustworthy is simply derived from the type of misinformation posted by you.

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