Global Warming: See the Extreme Ice Changes Near the Antarctic Peninsula

James Balog | The National Geographic (Video Report) | – –

“Join the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) team on an expedition to South Georgia Island near the Antarctic Peninsula. This trip adds the Southern Hemisphere to a network of 43 time-lapse cameras placed worldwide on 24 glaciers. Capturing one photo per hour of daylight, the cameras placed on South Georgia will document the story of the island’s melting glaciers.”

National Geographic: “See the Extreme Ice Changes Near the Antarctic Peninsula”

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  1. Here is yet another very disturbing artifact regarding global climate collapse being currently observed in the north central Pacific Ocean. It has a catchy name to further assist “skeptics,” the latest media meme for deniers, to better understand the very real eventuality which unlimited destruction of jungles and forests, burning and decomposing garbage, war-induced oil well infernos, using coal and petcoke as fuel and refining fossil-fuel to power large engines has caused. It is called “The Blob.”

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