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  1. While the Republicans obsession with using Benghazi to try to take Hillary down, they do have points in targeting her judgment calls. Take her 2002 yes vote for the Iraq war resolution. In 2002 Dem Senator Durbin was on the Senate Intelligence committee (think he was chair at the time) voted no on the Iraq war resolution. That committee heard more detailed reports about the Bush administration’s false pre war intelligence. Durbin voted no. Should have been a strong indicator to Hillary. Along with what IAEA head El Baradei was consistently saying about the false Niger document. Add on what former IAEA head of weapons inspections in Iraq during the 90’s (when Bill was in office) Scott Ritter was claiming that the validity of the intelligence was highly suspect. Add all of the other experts, historians etc who were also questioning the validity of the intelligence. One has to really question Hillary’s ability to make wise and well informed decisions on deadly and costly decisions.

    In the 60 minutes special about Benghazi that Lara Login was canned for due to unsubstantiated sources. In that special there were two I thought military officials who were claiming that they had contacted the state dept that Hillary lead and recommended more serious security at the compound. Not sure if these are the two individuals that are now being referred to as Ambassadors who recommended more security at the compound. Clearly Hillary allowed Stevens to make the call and did not take these other experts opinions.

    Her ability to make wise and well informed decisions about very serious issues should be questioned. Over and over again.

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