Israeli settlers carry out attacks in East Jerusalem, West Bank

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JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers on Saturday carried out a number of attacks on Palestinians across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, witnesses told Ma’an.

In western Hebron, locals said that settlers attacked Palestinian homes near the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arbaa.

Settlers reportedly attacked the homes in Wad al-Hisn, spreading waste water and firing tear gas canisters. Israeli soldiers reportedly protected them.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian woman said armed Israeli settlers attempted to attack her and her family in the neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabir in occupied East Jerusalem.

Yusra Zhayka told Ma’an that her family was on their way home when about a dozen Israeli settlers carrying guns appeared.

She said that she and her family were able to escape, but the settlers, who she believed were from the illegal Israeli settlement of Nof Zion, remained in the area.

She said that she had gone to Oz police station in Jabal al-Mukabir to tell them what had happened, but they refused to take her complaint, saying that there was no investigator present.

The past week has seen fierce clashes across the occupied Palestinian territory, with Israeli soldiers and settlers injuring more than 1,000 Palestinians since the beginning of the month.

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  1. Besides IDF, there is the * Duvdevan unit: Soldiers known for carrying out high risk counter terror operations wearing Arab civilian cloths as a disguise.
    *Ulernate Duvdivan: The protected settlers both legals and illegals Encouraged to harrasse, burn, shoot and try to concentrate on young palastinian men and kids with the theory of stopping them From growing up and becoming Jewish killers. Also to stop them from reproducing.
    * Modern Duvdivan: Jews citizens predominatly female teenagers posting selfies and hate messages on social media, like (Hating Palestinians is not discrimination, it’s values) and (The number one value is hating palastinians).

  2. “if you do not resume the diplomatic process immediately, if you will not create hope for movement and change, you will be held responsible for the Third Intifada, you and no one else.”

    – Leader of the Opposition Isaac Herzog addressing PM Netanyahu during a 9/21/15 Knesset plenary session debate on violence in East Jerusalem

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