Far Right wing Israelis rally for more Land Theft, destruction of Palestinian homes

By Celine Hagbard | IMEMC News | – –

Thousands of Israelis, including legislators and , gathered Monday in front of the home of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, calling for increased theft of Palestinian land for the expansion of Israeli colonies.

Israeli settlement map (archive image)

The settlers who organized the rally set up a tent and stage outside of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home, and a sound system blasted the words of the speakers along with bands playing music supportive of the settlers’ expansion campaign.

Yossi Dagan, the head of a right-wing settler group, called on the Prime Minister to establish more colonies in the northern part of the West Bank near Nablus, which is an area that is supposed to be under complete Palestinian control under the Oslo Accords of 1993, but has been increasingly violated by Israeli expansion in recent years.

“In light of recent terrorist attacks”, one of the speakers shouted, the Israeli government should forcibly take over more Palestinian land. No one at the rally addressed the fact that this expansion is likely to anger Palestinians whose land is taken, and further exacerbate the tension that has already reached a breaking point after decades of unabated Israeli encroachment onto Palestinian land.

The protesters were addressed by two Israeli Cabinet ministers, Social Affairs Minister Haim Katz and Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin. Levin stated, “We’re here to strengthen the government to do the things we all believe in”, adding that he hopes to pressure the Prime Minister to increase the expansion of colonies in order “to beat terrorism in [the] most Jewish way possible.”

Katz said, “we must start building kindergartens and schools, expand existing settlements and build new ones.” The expansion he calls for is in direct violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory, which prohibits the transfer of civilian populations into land captured and occupied by an invading military.

The Israeli military has illegally occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank since 1967. In that time, particularly since the Oslo Agreement was signed in 1993, Israeli military bases and settlement colonies have significantly expanded, with hundreds of thousands of civilians building houses and developments on illegally seized Palestinian land.

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  1. I do not think Israelis have thought this through.

    What are is the Israelis end-game?

    There are historically very well understood possible outcomes to the Israelis actions , ALL of which are terrible for Israelis:

    (1) Israel ends up with half the population west of the Jordan River (non-Jews) being subjugated by the other half (Jews). This is NOT sustainable and as history has very well documented, this will explode causing massive deaths for both groups and eventually driving most Jews out of the ME (the Jews are physically unable to win a massive war to the death – for those that don’t understand this I will answer any questions posted here).

    (2) All of the humans west of the Jordan River become FULL citizens of a SECULAR Israel where Jewish and Muslim religious leaders lose power. Since no group of humans willingly give up power, the ultra religious on both sides will cause massive social unrest, but given that most of the population just want to live OK lives, the religious extremest will eventually be suppressed. Long term, this is probably the best that Israelis can hope for.

    (3) Israel tries to round up all the “usual suspects” (non-Jews) from the area west of the Jordan river and expel them. That is, create millions of refugees. Israelis should NOT think about trying this, since we have an on-going example of how the world will react to Israel trying this (Syrian refugees). The world will NOT take Israel’s “rejects” and will quickly punish Israel economically. For some reason, Israeli do not understand just how interconnected their economy is with the rest of the world nor how fragile it is. If Europe and Asia decide to put economic sanctions on Israel, the economy will sink like a stone. Note that the USA will NOT be able to protect Israel, will not take any refugees and might even join the sanctions regimes.

    (4) Israel has now completely eliminated any possibility of a “two-state solution,” because it is physically impossible to remove all the land squatters from the West Bank without massive, bloody civil war in Israel. It took the Arabs over three decades to finally figure this out, but it appears they are finally facing the facts.

    Basically it appears that Israeli have been extremely delusional during this entire land squatter process, never thinking beyond the end of next week, even though there is 5000 years of history that says what they are trying to do will fail miserably and leave them worse off.

    As the older generations die off in the USA and Europe, attitudes will go massively against Israel. As a result, I think Israeli will face an extremely BAD future and I suspect that many of the young people in Israel will see better futures outside Israel and will simply leave, gutting the economy.

    Without a drastic re-think in Israel, I do not see a very nice future for Israelis.

  2. Yes spyguy, I see an apartheid situation approaching, already manifest in the West Bank. This together with the rocketry Hezbollah and Iran have in abundance [Hezbollah claim to have 100,000]. Nasrallah said there is no area their rockets could not reach in Israel. Of course any concentration of fire power into the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area including Ben Gurion airport would destroy the Israeli economy. Maybe they are banking on the Samson option.

    • Keep in mind that the number of missiles pointed at Israel actually came from the IDF during budget negotiations, so I discount that number to about 50,000. (all military lie to get bigger budgets and more war toys).

      But . . . there are only about 10 “rust dome” batteries in the entire country of Israel and they each have only 60 missiles. So, to be generous, lets assume that Israel can intercept and destroy at least 1000 incoming missiles. that leaves only about 49,000 missiles to make Israel into a rubble heap of epic proportions.

      BTW – missile technology is very well understood and a decent industrial base can crank them out for very little money (only the USA and Israel vastly over pay for war toys). As for the missile control systems, it is very easy to get modified GPS chips (with the USA restrictions on speed and altitude removed) and 32-bit quad-core computers can be purchased for as little as US$50 (yes, your cell phone uses the same technology and has profit margins of 75%).

      Basically, due to the PC and cell phone technology revolution, the whole world has access to all the same weapons technology Israel has. That is, Israel has no military advantage.

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