Mexico’s Patricia Megastorm so strong it broke scale used to measure hurricane intensity

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“Hurricane Patricia is the strongest ever recorded and headed for Mexico at Category 5 speeds. It’s so strong, it broke the scale used to measure hurricane intensity. Now Mexico is prepping for the worst.”

AJ+: “Hurricane Patricia: Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded, Heads Straight For Mexico”

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  1. That Dvorak Intensity scale should be made open ended so it can measure hurricanes of whatever size.

    Also the Category system should be open ended, allowing for Cat 6, Cat 7, etc.; if hurricanes get strong enough to need those numbered intervals. Leaving Cat 5 open ended will limit its usefulness as a measurement-expressing tool as hurricanes get stronger at the high end.

  2. Deb

    @PastorFrisbie I am so worried for all of the people and animals in the line of this historic event. #PrayerForMexico

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