Why Are So Many Millennials Rallying Behind Bernie Sanders?

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“If you’ve been on Facebook lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Bernie Sanders popping up in your feed. The 73-year-old senator is going up against Hillary Clinton for the democratic presidential nomination, and even though he’d be our oldest-ever commander in chief, a big chunk of his supporters are Millennials. We asked some of his young fans to tell us what exactly it is about this politician that appeals to them — and their answers might surprise you.

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Popsugar Entertainment: “Why Are So Many Millennials Rallying Behind Bernie Sanders?”

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  1. Heath George

    @alizardx It’s impressive how effective #millennials break down complex issues / policies into bite-sized shareable chunks.

  2. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks-truth-to-power without the inflated ego and pandering to special interests exhibited by other Presidential candidates.

    If there is some chance a balance between the interests of the majority of U.S. citizens and those of commerce and industry can be struck, a President Bernie Sanders is the very best choice we have at this time.

  3. He’s been consistent since the 60s, he’s the real deal. If only he can get his message out–and his policy proposals–to enough people that the D machine comes around to support him. MSM don’t like him. He’d win by a landslide if the all real people were able to vote (no voter id), & those votes counted.

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