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  1. Finally, Mr. Trump said something sensible. Perhaps he has noticed, unlike most, that the Saudis and Turks are supporting ISIS and are only waging a phony war in Syria. By freeing the govt.’s forces, they can fight a real war on this Saudi-created cancer called ISIS. I also suggest reading M. Scheuer’s new blog on this matter.

  2. Listening to this megalomaniac babble about subjects which he claims he is qualified to determine because he “understands the business deal” is like having bees in your head.

    It’s not so much the circular logic and lack of relevance (aka total b^¡¡$h!†) in Donald Trump’s attempts to avoid a few softball questions – but the self-assured bully persona and faux-testosterone he exudes to assert his nonsense to the female reporter which is disturbing to hear.

    This is a disturbed and perhaps over-medicated individual.

    In any event, it is reassuring to know that Donald Trump will NEVER be our President.

  3. Mr. Know it All is giving proof that he knows less than nothing. Big entropy – big fool. Putin is a fool, but at least he doesn’t make so much noise and advertisement. They started off with big screwups, who knows where they will wind up. You have to be blind not to notice that these two are idiots. Full of straight S. Both so crooked they can’t lay straight in bed.

  4. There is evidence that Russian jets are not bombing ISIS positions, with some reports that Syrian moderate rebel forces are the actual Russian targets in areas such as Homs:

    link to theguardian.com

    link to cbsnews.com

    link to nydailynews.com

    American political leaders should be wary of actual Russian intentions in intervening in this civil war – it appears to be a manifestation of Cold War politics as opposed to a bona fide desire to stop ISIS

    • Trump endorses Russia who is primarily bombing factions other than ISIS within Syria.

      Therefore, Donald Trump inadvertently supports ISIS.

      He is simply a media-borne “bad clown” GOP Presidential candidate, completely unqualified to lead.

  5. As usual, the only good thing I can say about Trump’s remarks are that they will confuse and divide Republicans. The Israel Lobby candidates like Cruz can’t support Russia bailing out Assad & Hezbollah. Bush, obviously, is a toady whose family is joined to Saudi Arabia at the creepy investment fund.

    At some point Trump was bound to run afoul of Israel and Saudi Arabia, so it will be interesting how they flex their muscle in our bought-out political system to attack him.

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