Can Ben Carson be Commander in Chief if he Lied about West Point?

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“Ben Carson claims he was a troubled child and violent teenager who once tried to hit his mother with a hammer and attempted to stab a close friend to death — but no one can vouch for his dangerous reputation. The 2016 GOP candidate boasted about his transformation from rage-filled boy to refined, renowned neurosurgeon in his 1996 autobiography, “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. Nearly 20 years later, the stories from his childhood are under the microscope and his former classmates don’t remember Carson as a rough kid.”

New York Daily News: Ben Carson Admits He Lied About West Point Scholarship

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  1. Can Ben Carson become president, given he lied about West Point (a “Stolen Valor” thing)? I hate to say it, but IOKIYAAR: It’s Okay if You are a Republican.

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