Dear Saudi Arabia: Executing People for Atheism is in fact ISIL-Like; #Sosuemesaudi

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Poet Ashraf Fayad has been sentenced to death by a Saudi Arabian court. He was charged with accusations of public ‘blasphemy’ and has less than 30 days to appeal.”

Also, Saudi Arabia is suing a Twitter user who said this death sentence for atheist poetry is “ISIL-like.” Guess what, Saudi Arabia? Executing people for atheist poetry is ISIL-like. So sue me.- JC

Human Rights Watch reported:

“(Beirut) – A Saudi court sentenced a Palestinian man to death for apostasy on November 17, 2015, for alleged blasphemous statements during a discussion group and in a book of his poetry.

The accused, Ashraf Fayadh, 35, denies the charges and claims that another man made false accusations to the country’s religious police following a personal dispute. Fayadh has 30 days to file his appeal.

“Regardless of what Fayadh said or didn’t say, Saudi Arabia should stop arresting people for their personal beliefs,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director. “The fact that Ashraf Fayadh is facing the prospect of being beheaded only adds to the outrageousness of this court ruling.”

The Guardian reported that Fayadh was born in Saudi Arabia and is a member of the British-Saudi art organization Edge of Arabia, and has curated art shows in Jeddah and Venice. “

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Boom Live: “Death Penalty For Saudi Poet Ashraf Fayad”

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  1. The UN should condemn such atrocities by secret ballot, so that individual countries cannot be subjected to economic (oil) sanctions. But it regularly countenances atrocities due to economic (US) influence. Perhaps they should prohibit international aid except through UN channels, so that members cannot be blackmailed by the US: the aid would be restored via the UN by public opinion. They should also denounce and punish rich countries that don’t meet their quotas.

    But the UN fails these duties exactly because the UNSC members are corrupted by economic power. None have had the kind of revolutions to regulate economic power, that they had centuries ago to regulate the power of direct force.

    The question is whether this is possible in the modern totalitarian pseudo-democracy.

      • Saudi Arabia is the model for Daesh. Of course, Saudi Arabia was the major backer for al-Qaeda too.

        Saudi Arabia is the linchpin of evil in the world. But the regime would collapse overnight if we stopped using oil. We should do that.

  2. Suing a twitter user for his apt description is not going to stop folks from criticizing the Saudi govt. This is just one unjust case. There’s 50 more imminent crude executions of those convicted of terrorism in the pipeline. Some of the accused maybe innocent.
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  3. The rest of the Muslim world is awash with the most shocking anecdotes about the tract of Arabia ruled from Nejd. Their elite and those connected lack a reputation for being God-fearing people.

  4. Are you kidding me? When ISIL beheaded 2 journalists last August Saudi Arabia (KSA) beheaded 19 people as routine. They are the most extreme Muslim government on earth and the USA Gov. loves them, but say nothing. Do you remember 9/11 when all those Saudis were allowed to leave the US before the FBI that wanted to could interview them. KSA, Qatar, Turkey and Gulf states support ISIL/Daesh (Daesh is Arabic for IS) with money and arms. We spent millions to “save” Kuwait an ex-province of Iraq from Saddam Hussein, and they support Daesh also. The UN condemns such behavior. against the death penalty as against, Geneva Convention torture….BUT we pay, taxes for torture, drone killings of innocent people including hospitals and weddings……please such innocence is astonishing, quite remarkable in a country with the best universities….unfortunately tennis can be a unit at them…not a joke……ran out of breath…….lastly: HOW SCARED MUST THE MEDIA BE OF A TELEVISING THESE LAST 14 YEARS WARS….THEY REMEBER VIETNAM IS MY ANSWER

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