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  1. As much as I opposed the Iraq War I’m not sure what the meaning of this is supposed to be. That the leaders of country the US was about to invade didn’t want the US to invade them?

    • You haven’t been watching TV, which is showing a map of the US governors who are rejecting the presence in their states of Syrian refugees.

      • Juan,

        Would the map look any different today? All I hear from the experts is send in the ground troops. Does anyone think the Iraqi government would tolerate this? We know there would be massive resistance from the Shiite militias.

        Are the experts proposing to overthrow an allied democratic regime, just so we can get at the Islamic State? If so, it will take a lot more troops than anyone is talking about.

  2. Yes but they did go there and things didn’t work out so well. Let’s trust our initial instincts.

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