Keystone XL Cancelled: 8 yrs Later Obama finally moves against Tyranny of Oil

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VICTORY! President Obama just announced that he will reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.. After more than seven years of hard work and amazing dedication, we achieved a monumental victory in the fight to protect our planet from the disastrous effects of fossil fuels and carbon pollution.

Thank President Obama for taking courageous action by rejecting Keystone XL and protecting our climate!

Note: This clip overlays Obama’s 2007 campaign speech against the ‘tyranny of oil’ over the Keystone XL victory.

National Sierra Club: “Thank You President Obama for rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline”

Alas the reality of Friday’s press conference rathet contrasted with this feel-good victory video, with Obama sticking to his ‘all of the above’ diction and pooh-poohing how dangerous Keystone XL was (if it had started a lot of tar-sands distribution points and encouraged tar sands extraction, it was very dangerous to the planet indeed). That 2007 speech on the tyranny of oil is long gone from memory. He kind of ruined the moment, which has become kind of a signature of his late second term. – JC

The White House: “The President Delivers a Statement on the Keystone XL Pipeline”

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  1. A truly accurate way to think of the TransCanada/KXL Pipeline is PURE POISON on every level. It is clearly “All risk and no reward.” A good but long overdue decision has been made.

    Unfortunately, much of the pipeline is already in place. Land has been seized and public access has been stopped. Off-duty local law enforcement is under contract.

    The decision to delay this noble outcome demonstrates the tedious process a leader must traverse when a perceived negative impact to the fossil-fuel crime wave is involved. And the delay will definitely impact the eventual outcome.

    The shell game to fraudulently obscure the actual end-product from this pipeline and the unacceptable risks involved in transport must have been run at the highest levels of leadership?

    Otherwise, this decision could have been easily reached years ago.

  2. The Keystone Pipeline is a red herring*and moot.

    The real issue is mining the tar sands, which is environmentally disastrous, carbon heavy and produces toxic crude. Unfortunately that is Canada’s decision. They will mine whether is is shipped by rail or pipeline.

    In any case, at today’s prices, each barrel of tar sands oil is sold at less than cost. No one would build a pipeline unless the price recovers

    * an American expression for a political distraction.

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