Jeb Bush Wants A Time Machine To murder a Baby — Hitler

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“Jeb Bush has been trying to prove he’s a tough guy. He said he eats nails before breakfast. He recently proclaimed he would kill baby Hitler if he had a time machine. Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down.

“Have you ever wondered whether, if given the opportunity, Jeb Bush would go back in time to kill Adolf Hitler in his crib?

Well, wonder no more.

“Hell yeah, I would!” the former Florida governor told HuffPost. “You gotta step up, man.”

The question initially arose when The New York Times Magazine polled its readers last month and found that a plurality of respondents said they would, in fact, kill Hitler as a baby.”


The Young Turks: “Jeb Bush Wants A Time Machine To Kill Baby Hitler”

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  1. Oooo, kill Hitler as a baby. You’ve got to love the way the mind works at times, eh?

    Let’s just say that that was possible. What would have been the most likely outcome of that event? Bupkiss.

    If everything else that happened over Hitler’s life happened, then it would be another man who led Germany’s rightwing nutters off on a mission to get revenge for the Treaty of Versailles. One who might have been a better leader, and won that war.

    Heck of an idea. Really.

    If you wanted to prevent the second world war, prevent the first one from happening at all. To do that, you’d need to stop the Franco-Prussian war. To stop that one well, you’d likely have needed to stop the revolutions of the 1840s as well as the Napoleonic wars. And the French Revolution, the Seven Years War, the wars of…


    • I always thought the likely alternative was Ernst Rohm, the leader of the Brownshirts and along with Hitler one of the founders of the NSDAP. His ideology was a sort of racist populism in which the bosses would be overthrown and the workers would move to communes in the countryside, while the Brownshirts would replace the Army. So kind of like a KKK Pol Pot.

      The world would have been better off with that. Such stupidity would either deindustrialized Germany into impotence, or it would have fallen to the German Communists instead.

      • Take but degree away, untune that string,
        And hark, what discord follows! each thing meets
        In mere oppugnancy.

        Ulysses, scene iii

        If one were able to change anything in the past, everything would be changed. Including the change that was made.

        It’s an illogical topic, eh?

  2. Go back in time to kill an innocent baby? Yeah; what a man J!E!B!!! is. If I had a time machine and was targeting Adolph Hitler, I’d use it to change his unhappy childhood and war experiences, and try to turn him into a better man, a more decent ruler – someone who would help Germany to rise, not as an avenging war power, but more like the economic powerhouse it later became. Oh, and with social justice to rival that of FDR here in the US.

    But then, I’m not a Republican.

    • I would go back in time and save Rosa Luxemburg and give her Communists a chance instead, creating an alternative to Lenin. The Weimar Republic and the interwar order were such a mess that I think revolution was necessary.

  3. Shawn S

    @cenkuygur Yet he wouldn’t want his mother to have an abortion? He must first come to term and then execute him? #assbackwards

  4. PEEPS

    @cenkuygur He’s in full out ‘Tell people what he thinks they want to hear’ mode

  5. Divergent

    @cenkuygur Hitler’s ‘wrong thinking’ was added after birth. What sort of freak would kill a baby?

  6. Bruce Wilson

    “Would you kill Baby Hitler?”

    JEB: Hell yeah, I would!

    “Would you ABORT Baby Hitler?”

    JEB: starts sweating & pisses himself

  7. This is the kind of Hollywood magical thinking that adolescents are so fond of. Superheroes with superpowers.

  8. One fact of Hitler’s life is that several German officers, retired and active, demanded that he be executed for treason after his failed putsch in Munich.

  9. It appears Jeb has the same kind of balls as his draft dodging, deserter older brother.

  10. I would like to say that with remarks like that, Bush would be demonstrably too stupid to get elected, but in fact an absence of brain cells can actually improve your election chances, unfortunately, and not just in the USA…

  11. Ah the simplistic narrow view of world history through the eyes of an American elite idiot. WW2 happened largely as a result of WW1 and the the nationalism sparked by the unfairness of the Versailles treaty. But Jeb probably forgot about that war.

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