Poll: Muslims actually HATE ISIL/ Daesh

Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore & Francesca Fiorentini | (The Young Turks) | – –

N. B. Charts courtesy Pew Research Center



[N.B. 6% of Buddhists in Malaysia think well of Daesh (ISIS, ISIL), which either means they see it as anti-imperial or they just don’t know what it is. This statistic should provide context for the small numbers of Muslims who express the same view. – JC ]

The Young Turks: “Poll: Muslims Actually HATE ISIS”:

“A new poll reveals that the vast majority of muslims throughout the world have an unfavorable opinion of ISIS. Ana Kasparian (The Point), John Iadarola (Think Tank), Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show), Francesca Fiorentini (AJ+) hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

If so many Muslims hate the Islamic State, why do so many people hate all Muslims? . . .

“This chart below is from a Pew survey of global attitudes conducted earlier this year. It shows that vast majorities of people polled in 11 majority-Muslim countries oppose the Islamic State, the militant group also known as ISIS and ISIL.

Vast majorities said they had an overwhelmingly “unfavorable” view of the group, which is responsible for myriad atrocities within the lands it controls in Iraq and Syria, as well as attacks overseas. The countries where there were conspicuous numbers in favor were mostly places far removed from the Islamic State’s ravages and embroiled in their own polarizing struggles over extremism and militancy.

The negative sentiment was shared by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, with Lebanon’s various sectarian camps, for example, strongly united in their opposition to the Islamic State.” “

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  1. Are people really being told that how Muslims hate isis? I think you should add to Somalia to your list of how much we really HATE them 100% and the Shabab murderers as well. It would be much much better and appreciated if you’d call them gangsters or killers rather than Islamic extremists and they’ll definitely won’t like that name. Thank you, and I’m in Mogadishu Somalia where corruption impunity is the norm.

  2. What would explain why 79% of Indonesians Muslims have an unfavorable view; only 4% are favorable and 11% not know/wont answer whereas in Malaysian, only 64% of the Muslims surveyed have an unfavorable view; 11% have a favorable view and 25% don’t know/wont answer? Malaysia is much more urban (an cosmopolitan) than Indonesian. It citizens should know that ISIS has been responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of Muslims. Does this survey possible suggest that more conservative forms of Islam are making inroads into the country? Any thoughts. Hope you might reply Stephen (I have been visiting Malaysia via Youtube daily since march — I am interested in its cultural diversity and it youth culture which seems to be quite “Western” (Kpop, hiphop crews, shuffle crews, bboy crews, etc.)

  3. This is not surprising at all. The vast majority of Muslims in the world a very much like all other humans–tethered to their cultures and traditions, but empathetic toward other people that they co-exist with in the world.

    But, unfortunately, politics and instabilities come to bear on how we all interpret the multitudinous contexts that shape our views in the moment.

    The nations, cultural/religious hierarchies, and the geopolitical hegemonic power plays that unfold are multitudinous, nuanced, and in play–those that project reductive interpretations to sow strife will be known for their fruits.

    For stability it is crucial to project ecumenical narrations that respect the ineffable tapestry.

    With this said–I will resist all authoritarian gestures that seek to enforce sectarian domination within the context of the ‘state’, as per international law.

  4. Pakistan is the only odd one out. While those who view ISIL as favourable are comparatively small in Pakistan compared to other countries, most people there don’t know what to make of ISIL.

    • I have a pakistani heritage, parents being originally from there. Pakistan has bigger political issues at the moment, most of the news outlets focus heavily on their domestic policies rather than foreign policies.

      I personally haven’t that much coverage on ISIS on the pakistani news channels unless its a huge attack like the one in Paris. So to me it’s understandable why they’re a large don’t know for that country as they’re not reported on that much I guess.

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