Muslims Respond To Trump Muslim ID Card Idea With #MuslimID

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“Donald Trump suggested Muslim ID cards, resulting in backlash which has yet to deter the 2016 Republican Presidential candidate. Some folks concocted an interesting hashtag in response.”

AJ+” “Muslims Respond To Trump Muslim ID Card Idea With #MuslimID”

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  1. ملطشة

    Hey! How about a #BigotIDCard? Maybe also a national database of bigots identifying their world outlook as: Bigot.

  2. Sadly, this will just fuel their absurd paranoia that the Muslims are taking over. The wing nuts are literally taking a page out of the red scare to claim that Muslims are infiltrating the government bla bla bla.

    Unfortunately, they lack the intelligence to figure out what the end game would be–convert everyone to Islam? With the Red Scare at least you had some kind of (highly implausible but still conceivable) narrative.

    But it’s still brilliant.

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