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  1. if it weren’t so tragic it would be funny, these people not wanting Syrian refugees, because of the Paris attack. 126 were killed in Paris and 194 are in hospital. Now lets have a look at some other stats. In British Columbia, Canada, with a pop of approx. 5 million, in 2013 we had 186 deaths due to drunken driving, 184 deaths due to distracted driving. B.C. has not give up cars, booze, cell phones, etc.

    The U.S.A. looses about 50 thousand people a year due to drunk driving. They have never had that many people killed even in one event by terrorists. I don’t know what those 30 states are concerned about You are much more likely to be killed by some one with a gun or did those governors suddenly forget about the theatre shootings and all the other mass shootings in the U.S.A. by “ordinary Americans”, with gun.

    People who are “suddenly” opposed to refugees because of the Paris incident, have most likely always been against taking refugees. The Americans started this mess, now they need to help with the clean up and that starts by taking refugees. They could take a million before anyone would notice,

    The MSM might want to start reporting “regular” news instead of this steady diet of “faux’ news, turning over and over every little incident during the Paris incident. What did people expect. France has been in the middle east wars for some time. All they other side did was bring the war home to the French. When you go to war, expect, these days, to have it brought back to you.

  2. KnowDTruth44

    @PaxNostrum It’s always amusing how these RWNJs always talking 2nd & walking around Target with their guns
    BS yet scared of ISIS.

  3. Republicans have entered a country that seems comforting and rational to them. They enjoy the ambiance there. In fact, they’re rooting a bout like free range pigs. the country is Main Street. It was populated before World War II by writer Sinclair Lewis. It’s residents were cloned from two characters, George Babbitt and Elmer Gantry. I wish I could figure this transition; It just baffles me. I’ve got neighbors who have actually become hostile as their political opinions veer more radical. Racist attitudes? Muslims are blah, blah blah. It’s as if everyone is tuned into the same interior transmitter that booms the same propaganda 24/7.

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