Israel Requesting Over $5 Billion in US Military Aid

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The Israeli government has made an initial request for its annual U.S. defense package to increase by as much as $5 billion when its current aid package, worth an average $3 billion a year, expires in 2017, U.S. congressional sources said, this last Wednesday.

PNN reports that, according to Reuters, Israel wants $5 billion per year in military aid for 10 years, for a total of $50 billion. The US congress spokesman stated that Israel has been signalling that it wants more money to “counter threats it says will arise as a result of the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, which Israel’s government has staunchly opposed”.

Among its request, the Israeli government is asking for: squadrons of F-15 stealth fighter jets beyond the F-35 squadrons the Americans have already promised, V-22 Osprey aircraft-helicopter, helicopters, refueling aircraft, precision weapons and a large amount of Arrow 3 missiles designed to intercept ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere as an additional layer of protection to the Arrow 2, according to the Israeli media outlet Ynet.

“Israel argues that Tehran’s financial windfall from sanctions relief will allow it to increase backing for proxies that are hostile to Israel in Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories and elsewhere – a fear Washington says is exaggerated”, as stated by Reuters.

However, the new aid deal has not been finished yet. Congressional and other U.S. officials said that they are in the very beginning of analyzing the proposal. “First they have to negotiate with the White House,” one senior congressional aide said of Israel. The Israeli prime minister is going to the United States for a visit, this next week, where the aid topic is likely to be on the top of the discussion matters.



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  1. Some points pop out of this article:
    1) WFT? Who in their right mind *rewards* someone for attempting to undermine you? In what way does that send the message that You Do Not To Mess With Me?
    2) If you are then the items on that shopping list should not be that “reward”, precisely because they are weapons that would enable Israel to launch a unilateral attack on Iran *in* *spite* of Uncle Sam. Why give a recalcitrant the very things he needs to go Even More Rogue on you?
    3) One of the items on that list – F-15 fighters – should set all sorts of alarm bells ringing regarding the timing of Bibi’s war. Think about it: the Boeing F-15 assembly line is idle (or the USAF could simply “sequestrate” several squadrons of USAF F-15c jets tomorrow). Do. Not. Give. Him. Weapons. That. Allow. Him. To. Go. It. Alone.
    4) Lockheed must be displeased with that Israeli non-vote-of-confidence in the F-35, because if Israel believed the F-35 project timeline then it’d ask for more of them, it wouldn’t ask for more F-15s.

  2. Refueling aircraft?

    Wasn’t it pointed out that the reason Israel couldn’t strike Iran was that they didn’t have refueling aircraft?

    Giving weapons to help defend yourselves is quite different from giving weapons to help launch a major Middle East war.

  3. Please note that major lobbying of congress for military aid to Israel is by US defense contractors. They are the primary beneficiaries of this aid.

    • Such nonsense, Charles.

      If that were the reason then the “benefit” is much more effectively met by increasing the US defence budget by $50billion over the decade.

      That way
      (a) the defense contractors get all the follow-on benefits as well (hangar construction, services, etc.)
      (b) the US military actually gets a fillup in the form of more jets, more refuelling planes, more Osprey’s, etc.
      (c) Israeli doesn’t get to skim 20% off the top to spend on propping up its own (= rival to the USA) defense industry.

      After all, ask yourself this: who makes the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3?

      The correct answer: Not The USA.

  4. Joseph Chez

    @ARTSYJUDITH US taxpayer’s dollars have been used by Israel to maintain a brutal occupation on #Palestinians . @POTUS in collusion.

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