Biggest Trump Lies 2015: 76% of what Donald Trump Says is Garbage

Nik Zecevic and Margaret J. Howell | (TheLipTV video report) | – –

“Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has won the 2015 PolitiFact “Lie of the Year” award. While investigating Trump’s statements during his political campaign, PolitiFact found that 76% of Trump’s statements were either mostly false, false or “pants on fire” out of the 77 statements checked. PolitiFact lumped all of Trump’s lies into one group rather than the traditional selection of one large lie uttered during the year. PolitiFact started fact checking Trump’s claims as early as 2011 when he was originally considering running for office. Watch as Nik Zecevic and Margaret J. Howell highlight Trump’s biggest and baddest lies of the year on The Lip News.”

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  1. Trump has made a lot of noise, has lied and not apologized when confronted with the truth, and he has insulted women, Mexicans, immigrants, the disabled, African Americans, the Muslims, and even his own fellow Republicans. All that, and you never see a single policy spoken in depth, or what he intends to do for this country, in Presidential terms.

    Empty vessels make the most noise.

    It is unfortunate those who keep supporting him do not see him for what he is – a crude, ugly American, who is high on insults, but low on IQ. To think he might lead this country is a frightening thought. We are already the laughing stock in the world, as they watch Trump’s horrible candidacy. People cannot believe that he leads the Republican pack.

  2. Renae

    you need to look at the true liar Hilary. Between her personal servers and Benghazi. Shall I continue?

    • Yes, please do. Let us take as a given that your fever imagination that she has lied about this is true. So what. She’s done worse – and so has Trump. He is a fascist and incites to violence (have you SEEN his rallies?)

      As for 76% of what he says being untrue, oof. I think that must be conservative at best.

      You want to hit Hilary on something? How about expressing support for the repressive regime in Egypt, about which Juan has written.

    • But she never egged on a crowd of Southerners in person to beat up a black man protesting against police brutality. Trump did. A return to Jim Crow is the point where I justify revolutionary violence against America. You may have no problem with that, but how many of your fellow Americans will you kill to enforce Fuehrer Trump’s will?

  3. Robin Messing

    Rather than the media point out #Trump lies, it would be easier & take up less space 2 highlight when he is telling the truth.

    • I think that Politifact disagrees with you. And you sound like the people of Weimar Germany in 1933 looking for an excuse to give up democracy.

  4. Much of what Trump says is “shameful” and “dangerous” On a more serious note Hillary Clinton’s vote for the 2002 Iraq war resolution, push for military intervention in Libya and arming rebels in Syria is far more “shameful” and deadly “dangerous” Far more!

    • What could be more dangerous than declaring war on all the non-white people in the United States? A hundred million of us can make a much bigger mess with the tools we have at our disposal than those people Gadafi and Assad oppressed.

    • There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man … a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of… Conservatives.

      Posting “HRC lied…” has nothing to do with the topic – but it is a typical attempt to misdirect the conversation away from the topic… #fail

      Who didn’t vote for the Iraq War resolution? If Clinton was one of a few, there might be a point there. But there ain’t. #fail

      And again, was Clinton one of a few “pushing” for military intervention?

      What about Iraq? They had WMD we were told. There were “aluminum tubes” we were told. There was “yellowcake” and “mobile biological” labs we were told. Al-Qaeda was in Iraq we were told. Iraq had something to do with 9/11 we were told?

      And just who did that telling? That resulting the worst, criminal war in our Nation’s history and killed and maimed thousands of our own and hundreds of thousand of their’s including civilians?

      Trump wants to “bomb the shit” out of the Middle East. He’s fascist, racist, narcissist egomaniac (and not a very good businessman BTW).

      Sure, all politicians lie, but some more than others:

      link to

  5. whats ??? biggest trump lies in 2015 ?? and how to 2016 ? OMG, I never think about it before,,, hmm nice shared.. thankyou …

  6. It appears the peaceniks on this site are so desperate to return to isolationism that they will vote for the Nazi instead of the crook. Now what is the historical flaw in that logic?

  7. Since there is not logic in that sentence, it is your question that is flawed. Sorry.

    But let me try to see… “Peaceniks?” Really? You mean people who are inclined to not continue raining down death and destruction on the greater Middle East that only results in the producing of more hatred of The West? You mean people who bring attention to Politician’s hate speech? Pointing out that Trump is a lying bigot = Isolationism?

    Are you calling Clinton a Nazi? And Trump a Crook? And that the “Peacenik Isolationists” will vote for a Nazi but not a Crook?

    Yeah. Logic.

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