British Muslim Family Not Allowed To Board Plane To Visit Disneyland: Are US visa officials Islamophobes?

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“On a family trip to Disneyland, one British Muslim family wasn’t allowed to get on the plane. No reason was given. And they’re not the only ones. Their MP has taken their case to Prime Minister David Cameron, and the Council on American–Islamic Relations has called for an investigation.”

AJ+: “British Muslim Family Not Allowed To Board Plane To Visit Disneyland”

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  1. Hugely discouraging to also read that the airline refused to refund their ticket expenses, and they had to give up the duty-free items they had purchased. Did the father’s name match one of the mis-spelled names on the No-Fly List? Does anyone seriously think that terrorists travel in family groups? And we wonder why “they” don’t like us? It ain’t our freedoms that are the problem, folks…

  2. This is very sad, especially as the family lost all the money spent on the air tickets. A single act like this by an uncontrolled US agency undoes the work of countless diplomats trying to give a different picture of the US.

  3. The Daily Mail article (typically) is a rather good example of some weapons-grade errors in logic.

    — The author says that she was stopped because her family didn’t have the right surnames. Well, that makes it all right then!

    From the Daily Mail:
    “Without any way of knowing the truth, this is what I’d have been asking myself; where were the mothers of these 9 children?”

    Gee I don’t know, Kate. Why don’t you ask? Maybe they had to work. Maybe they had a divorce. But there’s no indication you even asked.

    “And then there’s their address in Waltham Forest, a known hotbed of extremism”

    Last time I checked having an address in a given area doesn’t mean that much — or I suppose we really ought to stop Brits from Newton Abbot, home of the UKIP, or Wigton, home of the BNP. Can’t be too sure.

    “Intelligence was received about a Facebook page connected to the family address, containing extremist material sympathising with Al Qaeda.”

    Meaning what? Is it sympathising to say that you understand why Al Qaeda exists? Ms. Hopkins doesn’t offer the slightest detail of what this is. Not even a screenshot. (Nor is it clear it’s the right person).

    One of the brothers involved was deported from Israel, but that describes a rather large number of people. Like Rami Gudovitch, whose crime was advocating for refugees.

    And clearly Hopkins thinks that it’s obvious that two men traveling with children are by definition terrorists. Her ability to spot wrongdoers is clearly so superior — maybe she should work for Homeland Security?

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