Int’l Criminal Court group will fact-find in Israeli-Occupied Palestine

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RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A delegation from the International Criminal Court is expected to visit the occupied Palestinian territory in February, a Palestinian Authority offical said.

A member of a national committee in charge of follow-up with the ICC, Wasel Abu Yusif, told Ma’an that the visit will include ongoing investigations into cases raised to the international court by Palestinian leadership against Israel.

The ICC is currently conducting a preliminary probe on possible Israeli war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The probe, which was opened in January of this year, is not a full investigation, but an examination of available information to decide whether there is a “reasonable basis” to proceed with a full investigation.

The turn by Palestinian leadership to the ICC has been referred to by Israeli officials as “diplomatic terrorism.”

Palestinian leadership moved to the ICC amid ongoing violations carried out by Israel that international rights group Amnesty International investigations have referred to as war crimes.

The turn to the ICC was also influenced by the lack of progress made through peace negotiations in creating an independent Palestinian state.

Abu Yusif said the committee held a meeting recently between all of its members in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, headed by PLO chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, to discuss a recent report published by the ICC on Palestine.

He added that the committee discussed several proposals to hold Israel legally accountable for its crimes against Palestinians at the ICC.

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  1. All well and good, but what will the outcome to this visit be?
    We have seen too many investigations, condemnations, and heard too many excuses by Israel, and it has all ended up no where. Will the US exert pressure on the ICC, flex it’s muscles, which will result in the ICC investigation slowly dying, or this time will the international body do the right thing for the Palestinians, and give them their badly needed freedom, and finally be able to be free of zionist shackles? How many more must die before the international community does the right thing for these long suffering people?

    • Ramping-up pressure on the parties and on Israel in particular is cumulative. The increasing potential for convictions of Israeli leaders for war crimes is part of it. The loss of chance of a mass amnesty through the U.N. and the I.C.C. as a part of a negotiated rather than imposed settlement agreement is an important part of the mosaic.

      Balancing likely criminal proceedings against high ranking individuals are the prospects for economic sanctions on the Israeli economy everywhere in what was Mandatory Palestine. Who would doubt that the combination would result in an expeditious settlement? The pressure would be irresistible and considerably more legitimate than were sanctions on Iran. But they have to be implemented. If not by Holland, Obama and the U.N., by whom and when?

      The International Criminal Court is carrying its burden even if slowly. Why shouldn’t Europe and the U.S. lay the foundations for sanctions through a French Resolution in the UNSC? We will have reason to be deeply disappointed in the joint political leadership if they fail.

      We imposed sanctions on fundamentalist Iran. They caused vast hardship. Sanctions on Israel will not last long and will not cause vast hardship.

  2. In a rare public attack in the Israeli Knesset against misconduct of the Israel Defense Forces, MK Zehava Galon accused the Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon of “McCarthyism” in attempting to exclude the group “Breaking the Silence” – an organization dedicated to exposing misconduct of the IDF, from traditional IDF soldier functions.

    MK Galon, chairwoman of the Meretz Party, indicated that her party supported Breaking the Silence, its members were “heroes, not traitors”, and urged Yaalon to “stop persecuting them” as “civil society should be proud of such soldiers”.

    These statements created an uproar in the Knesset and resulted in several MKs being removed from the Knesset plenum.

    Here is a link:

    link to

  3. This bears memories of similar events in the American armed forces during the Vietnam War. Combined with unprecedented movements in civil society support for the war collapsed. I rather like that analogy.

    This Knesset summary is very interesting. Thank you.

  4. Publicized: December 15, 2015 (By the Knesset)

    “As part of International Human Rights Day, the Knesset`s State Control Committee discussed on Tuesday the issue of administrative detentions. According to a study conducted by the Knesset`s Research and Information Center, at the request of MK Basel Ghattas (Joint List), as of November 1, 2015, four Jews and 398 non-Jews were being held in administrative detention. A large percentage of the detainees are aged 18-30, and 34% of them have been held between six months and a year. ”

    If I understand correctly, the non-Jewish, i.e., Palestinian residents of Occupied Palestine who are detained administratively are imprisoned in Israel, a foreign, occupying country, under foreign, i.e., Israeli military regulations. I trust that the ICC will be looking at the international law of criminal occupations when it decides to recommend prosecutions.

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