Dutch Pranksters tell People Bible verses are from Qur’an & Hilarity Ensues

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“Dutch pranksters have conducted an experiment aimed at testing public prejudice towards Islam. They took to the streets and read extracts from a book which they claimed was the Koran. Then came the big reveal. What people had originally believed were extracts from the Koran were actually being read from the Bible.”

RT: “Dutch duo expose prejudices by reading ‘Koran verses’ from Bible”

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  1. Ridiculous. If they had been told the verses were from the Old Testament, they probably would have had a similar reaction of revulsion, only it would have been more readily accompanied with dismissiveness. Why? Because Christianity has a New Testament and has gone through a reformation.

  2. Mark Stevens

    after viewing, YouTube will autoload vids of ppl who have replicated this experiment in the USA, and the reactions are priceless.

    • Let them replicate the experiment in a Muslim community and let’s see some more pricelessness.

      • It wouldn’t work, Trip. Muslims mostly accept the Bible, and there isn’t really anything in it that would scandalize them.

        • What is the response to the claim that the New Testament has “reformed” the Old Testament , whereas that hasn’t happened in Islam ?

        • It isn’t relevant to a historical examination of these issues, it is just a kind of ahistorical theology.

          The Qur’an isn’t from the time of the Hebrew Bible, but post-dates the NT; it represents itself as a restatement of all previous scripture.

        • How about the suggestion that David (whom they regard as a prophet) committed serious sins, such as murder?

        • The New Testament didn’t reform the Old Testament. The people who canonized the NT weren’t Hebrews reforming the Torah. Jesus’s message wasn’t about reform. It was more akin to a new covenant with God before the Apocalypse. Jesus was an “end times” prophet–besides, you know, being all those other things people claim he was/is. The reformation of Christianity didn’t officially start until 1200 years after the canonization of the NT and the OT–900 years post-Muhammad.

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