12 Million homeless, displaced Syrians facing Disaster as Winter Approaches

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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — More than 12 million people in Syria — nearly half of whom are children — are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance before winter sets into the war-torn country, an international aid group said Friday.

Robert Mardini, regional director for the Middle East at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), said in a statement that after nearly five years of conflict, Syrians lack even basic resources, as temperatures are starting to fall below freezing.

“The humanitarian situation in Syria is catastrophic and deteriorating day by day,” Mardini said.

“The people are facing a bitter winter ahead and they have very few resources…the situation is nothing short of critical for many, many people,” Mr Mardini continued.

ICRC is one of many humanitarian organizations in the country that have been unable to deliver aid to the most vulnerable due to destroyed infrastructure and security risks.

Meanwhile, the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees (UNWRA) said earlier this week that around a third of its facilities inside Syria have been “rendered inoperable due to damage or active conflict.”

UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krahenbuhl warned of the risks that the refugees will face in months to come.

“Palestine refugees face great uncertainty, with many of them lacking adequate shelter and struggling to meet their minimum food needs,” Krahenbuhl said in a statement.

“These realities will only become more unbearable as they brace themselves for the harsh winter conditions,” he added.

Around 100,000 Palestinians have been among the over four million people to flee Syria since the start of the fighting in 2011.

Many of those who fled have attempted to cross to Europe by both land and sea, as well as to neighboring countries, despite the denial of rights granted to other refugees that decrease chances for Palestinian refugees to gain access into other countries.

The 450,000 Palestinians who have remained in Syria, meanwhile, have come under repeated attacks and sieges making it nearly impossible for UNWRA to deliver the population basic necessities, Krahenbuhl added.

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3 Responses

  1. But of course the US will do nothing for these refugees but some minimalist gesture, pretending that its military meddling has no negative effects, and enriching its warmongers, just as it repressed the blacks for centuries before the civil rights movement. If the US media and elections were not controlled by morally corrupt economic gangsters, it would never have bowed to the right wing warmongers who pose as protectors, denouncing their opponents as disloyal, just as Aristotle warned of the tyrants over democracy millennia ago. But with the instruments of democracy in the hands of totalitarians, democracy can never be restored but by a complete recycling under external domination, whether military or economic, most likely by another criminal state. Quite an oversight by the Constitutional Convention, to leave our institutions unprotected from money, but there were no large economic concentrations then.

    Our educational efforts will have the same effect as lecturing bad drivers from afar. Selfishness, ignorance, hypocrisy, and malice will continue to rule the West, in modern as in ancient times, and modern history will be no more than the ignominious record of failed aspirations.

  2. MsLindaB

    too bad there isn’t a Christian based nation willing to take more of them in – as we are obviously NOT

    • And the wealthy Gulf nations of the same faith, including Saudi Arabia which already has facilities for shelter in place, and who are also funding the violence in Syria, are willing to…?

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