Right-wing Israeli groups “raid” 3rd Holiest Muslim Shrine

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JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Right-wing Israeli groups on Sunday raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound under the protection of Israeli forces, witnesses told Ma’an.


Witnesses said 43 Israeli settlers raided the compound after right-wing Jewish extremist groups called for supporters to flock to the site before the start of the Jewish holiday Hannukah.

In addition to allowing settlers to raid the compound, Israeli forces continued to prevent entrance to worshippers on a “black list,” comprised mostly of Palestinian women and youth who have been banned from the compound for the last three months, witnesses said.

Israeli forces previously stated that those banned from entering the compound were “troublemakers” and were being disallowed entry in order to better keep peace at the site.

On Sunday, the women who were prevented entry told Ma’an that they object to being banned from worshipping at the site, adding that the the right-wing Israelis touring the site were the ones causing trouble.

Israeli forces also detained a Palestinian man from the All-Aqsa Mosque compound and another four Palestinians from the surrounding Old City, following home raids.

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  1. Hello again, Dr. Cole:

    The word “raid” is typically used to refer to a small, violent attack with the purpose of wounding, capturing, killing, or stealing from the person raided, or temporarily or permanently taking violent possession of a place.

    Given how highly fraught the situation regarding Al-Aqsa is, with (as Gershom Gorenberg notes) three major religions having eschatological interests in the site, not to mention the numerous political stakeholders, local and via proxies, it seems important to keep our language clear and accurate.

    Were the settlers on the Noble Sanctuary / Temple Mount armed? Did they inflict any physical wounds? Attempt to physically remove anything from the site, or remain there for any period of time? Did they make threatening gestures? Use threatening speech?

    I understand that from the POV of a growing number of Israeli Jews, they should have the right to pray at a Jewish holy site within their own country, that from the POV of the senior rabbinate, at least thus far, this would be inappropriate for reasons of Jewish purity, that from the Muslim POV and that of the Waqf the site is sacred to Islam and under Waqf control, and that this control was probably originally, politically and perhaps wisely ceded to avoid a conflagration over the disputed site after the Israeli capture of 1967.

    Acknowledging all of these factors, is it still accurate in your opinion to call the event a “raid” — or is that perhaps a bit of a stretch?

  2. Does anyone in Israel understand that if the Jewish extremists succeed in taking over the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Israel will have ignited a war that Israel can NOT win in any sense of the word? Sure, Israel will control the “temple Mount” for a short time, but by the time Israel loses the war, there will be nothing left and Jewish people will have been driven entirely out of the middle east.

    And before anyone posts the huge Jewish super-warrior myths, let me tell you why they are NOT TRUE.

    – Personal weapons – the AK-47 (and similar weapons) has optimized personal warfare and there are over 100 million of these weapons on earth with more being made each and every day. Israel does not and will never have any better weapons and the body armor developed by the USA has shown to be ineffective in preventing injury to limbs. A wounded soldier is actually worse for an army than a dead one because it ties up resources quicker.

    – Group weapons (cannons, missiles, aircraft, etc.). As with the AK-47, the whole world is awash with weapons that are equal to or better than anything Israel will ever have. All weapons are based on universal and well known principals of physics, chemistry, electrical and thermodynamics and there are NO MAGIC WEAPONS.

    – Leadership – Most countries have similar leadership capability. The only real difference is the amount of hubris the leadership has. All of the battle proven techniques for defeating Israel are well known by a wide variety of Israel’s opponents and given the technical restrictions on Israel (previous weapon choices, etc.), Israel has only limited but well known ways to fight a war and the USA has already taught the world how to defeat those techniques over the last 10+ years in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The bottom line is, Israel can be defeated by the existing opposition and the USA population may be very reluctant to follow Israel into defeat.

    Israelis should probably think long and hard before they let Jewish extremists plunge them into an awful war.

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