Israeli PM: ‘Arab terror and Jewish terror’ are different

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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — In lieu of a growing Israeli focus on Jewish extremism, Israel’s Prime Minister on Sunday said that comparing “Arab terror and Jewish terror” was impossible, Israeli media reported.


During the weekly cabinet meeting, Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Here we condemn and they [the Palestinians] praise,” according to Israeli daily Haaretz.

The PM said that “Jewish terror” was rare, while “Arab terror” frequently took place on a large scale.

Netanyahu stated that while Israeli leadership condemned terror attacks carried out by Jews, the Palestinian Authority “encourages terror and incites.”
The statement comes as ongoing investigations into the murder of three members of the Palestinian Dawabsha family by Jewish extremists as well as video footage released from an Israeli wedding party celebrating violence against Palestinians has been at the epicenter of Israeli public discussion.

Focus on the growing influence of Israeli extremist groups also coincides with a wave of violence that has left nearly 140 Palestinians and 20 Israelis dead since Oct. 1.

The majority of Palestinians were killed while carrying out attacks on Israeli military and civilians. Palestinian leadership has yet to condemn the individual attacks but has criticized Israel for its response to the recent violence.
While condemning the attacks, a UN official earlier this month said: “The injustices associated with an occupation which shows no prospect of ending feed into a perspective — particularly among the youth — that they have nothing to lose by sacrificing their lives.”

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon on Saturday said that recent cases of Jewish extremism had caused politicians to ignore “seemingly less serious” offenses against Palestinians and their property, in effect supporting the perpetrators, according to Haaretz.

Focus on the cases have put other offenses on the back burner, Yaalon said, including the uprooting of Palestinian olive trees and the burning of Palestinian property by Israeli settlers.

The minister said that encouragement from ministers and members of Knesset for settlement expansion as well as verbal attacks on public figures helped to enable incidents like the Dawabsha murder and incitement, Haaretz reported.

Threat of ‘Jewish terror’

Israel has received criticism from the international community and rights groups in the past regarding government policies that encourage violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinians.
Israeli police earlier this week opened an investigation into the wedding of two right-wing Israelis after a video showed attendees dancing and singing songs about revenge while waving knives and guns in the air.

At one point during the ceremony, a masked Israeli youth waves a firebomb while another stabs a photo of Ali Dawabsha, an 18-month-old Palestinian burned alive in the arson attack that also left his parents dead.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the time that the video showed “the real face of a group that poses danger to Israeli society and security,” the daily said.
The suspects in the Dawabsha murder case have yet to be convicted, and Israel’s domestic security agency Shin Bet has received push-back from right-wing groups over its conduct in the investigation.

The Shin Bet last week warned that the case revealed the growing threat of Jewish terror organizations against the Israeli state as well as regional security.

Israeli settlers regularly carry out attacks on Palestinians and their property, purportedly in revenge for actions taken by Palestinians or the Israeli government against the illegal settlement enterprise.

The attacks — over 324 of which were carried out in 2014 according to UN documentation — were labelled as “acts of terrorism” by the US government in 2013.

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  1. “Netanyahu stated that…..Israeli leadership condemns terror attacks……..”

    “The Shin Bet last week warned that the case revealed the growing threat of Jewish terror organizations…..”

    The Israeli leadership and Shin Bet have a history of ongoing support to one of the most notorious Jewish terrorists in Israel’s history: Ami Popper, whose name repeatedly surfaces in the news despite the fact he is “officially” in prison.

    Popper was convicted in the 1990 machine-gun slayings of seven Gazans , eleven more were wounded, at a bus stop. He received seven terms of life imprisonment plus an additional 20 years. Former Knesset member Meir Kahane held a celebration near the bus stop later and one of Kahane’s followers married Popper while he was in prison.

    In 1999, President Ezer Weizman commuted Popper’s sentence to 20 years.

    In 2007, the public was shocked when it was reported that Popper was involved in a car accident in which his wife and son were killed when he was driving a vehicle that struck another oncoming car. The Israeli prisons bureau indicated that the Shin Bet intelligence service had authorized Popper 120 previous furloughs, and that Popper – who had no driver’s license – was on a furlough when he caused the 2007 accident by swerving into oncoming traffic.

    In 2013, Popper made news again when he was granted a furlough to attend a wedding in Jerusalem to a third wife.

    In later years, Popper has made news by his attempts at a pardon and his son appearing before the Knesset to advocate for his release.

    In late 2015, several investigative journalists have shown that Popper receives financial support from U.S. non-profit tax-exempt organization sources.

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    • Exactly. And we should point out to Islamophobes that the difference between Moslems and Christians is that Christian terrorism is mostly conducted by the United States Armed Forces.

  2. bak kua bee lee

    Zio-terror is annihilation of Palestine at all costs and is supported by Israel’s Govt and the US of America and their allies.

    • the conflict includes one group of folks who want to take the land of another group, distinguished largely by religious self-identification.

      sounds vaguely familiar to me.

      Here’s what the UN concluded in 1973. Funny how ideologues will push a meme to common acceptance, like calling resistance of an occupation terrorism.

      link to

      2. Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle;

  3. Israeli terrorism against Palestinians could be greatly reduced — not eliminated — by removal of every Israeli settler from all occupied territories (including, as usually noted, East jerusalem). This if done would conform to the requirements of international law and treaties that Israel is party to. By refusing to do this — and doing the opposite — Israel flouts international law and encourages Israeli terrirsm (including that done by IDF and other state agencies).

  4. Israeli terrorism is super super common, to the point of being endemic. Everyone who’s even visited the West Bank knows this. It’s also state supported, like South African terrorism was under apartheid.

    Good Jewish people in the rest of the world need to repudiate the terrorist state of Israel. And some of them are. But groups like AIPAC and ADL aren’t repudiating the terrorist state, which shows that they aren’t good people.

    Just as good Christian people need to repudiate the Christian terrorists who murder doctors in the US. And some of them are. But many fundamentalist evangelical churches aren’t, which shows that they aren’t good people….

    Good Muslim people are already repudiating Muslim terrorists.

  5. It’s not terrorism when we do it!!!111

    Said by every nation’s leadership.

    It would be surprising to hear a national leader say that about his own nation’s violence while condemning the violence of others. Indeed, I might respect a leader who did such a thing.

  6. Why not? Tayyip thinks that occupation of KKTC and Palestine are entirely different, too.

  7. The following is from Prof Noam Chomsky says in his book Fateful Triangle,

    According to the Israeli army, the ratio of killings is/was almost 20 to 1(20 Palestinians and 1 Israeli)

    The world media blew far out of proportion when a Palestinian killed a settler describing it as Jews being killed in cold blood.

    But a Zionist settler/soldier killing 20 Palestinians is described as Israeli security measure to protect its citizens.

    It looks as if human beings had different values based on their race and religion. After all, violence begets violence and its consequences hurt the innocent on all sides.

  8. Zionist leaders always believed that the creation of a Jewish state meant imposing the will of Zionism on the Palestinian population. Jabotinsky said

    “…colonisation can continue and develop only under the protection of a force independent of the local population – an iron wall which the native population cannot break through…

    this is our policy towards the Arabs and to formulate it in any other way would be hypocrisy…

    The Jewish question can be solved either completely or it cannot be solved at all. We are in need of a territory where our people will constitute the overwhelming majority…and one must not be afraid of the word ‘segregation’ ”.

    Jabotinsky believed that only ‘an iron wall of bayonets and Jewish armed garrisons’ would be able to secure Jewish sovereignty on both sides of the Jordan River. Like Weizmann and Ben-Gurion before him, he had only contempt for the indigenous Arabs.

    He once said: “we Jews, thank God, have nothing to do with the East. The Islamic soul must be broomed out of Eretz Yisrael”.

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