No, Donald Trump, Real Muslims haven’t applauded your Fascist Plan to Ban them

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The Arabic press reported with a straight face GOP presidential contender Donald Trump’s allegations that he has lots of Muslim friends and that they are calling them to say how pleased they are that he wants to exclude them from coming to the United States, and that they are glad he is tackling the problem of Muslim extremism.

Back in the real world, how have Muslims responded?

Veteran NBC correspondent Richard Engel said that the statements are being taken deadly seriously, and should be, reporting on what one Arab ambassador told him:

According to BBC Monitoring [hereafter BBCM], prominent Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif tweeted, “Shouldn’t Arab business owners cancel their contracts with Donald Trump . . . It’s your money and your business.” And she was hardly alone.

BBCM notes,

“‘Donald Trump calls to ban all Muslims from entering US – Dubai should ban this bigot from doing business here,’ UAE-based @AhmedKh tweeted.”

“Shortly after, Dubai-based privately-owned business weekly published an opinion piece, entitled: ‘Time for Gulf firms to review their links with the toxic Trump brand.'”

[And then there was this meme – That Trump is now the chief recruiter for Daesh (ISIS, ISIL):]

“[IS leader] Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi would not find a better public relations agent and recruiter in the whole world than Donald Trump and his anti-Islam, demagogic statements,” Khalil Jahshan (@naz548) added in Arabic.

What about American allies in the fight against extremists like the Taliban, such as the Afghanistan government?

The Afghanistan parliamentarians roundly condemned Trump, according to BBCM:

“[MP Khalil Ahmad Shahidzada, captioned, speaking in Pashto] . . . This man is extremely sick and does not deserve to be elected as the president. He needs to be sent to mental asylum and must retract his words.

[MP Gholam Hosayn Naseri, captioned, speaking in Dari] He has insulted the whole of the Muslim world in harsh terms, which must be condemned. The country that claims to have laid the foundations of democracy and civilized society has insulted the whole of the Muslim world and Muslim history. His remarks deserve condemnation.

[Correspondent] At the same time, the first deputy speaker of the lower house of parliament said that the such a stance against the Muslim world was dangerous and that such remarks could lead to conflict between different faiths of the world.

Source: Noor TV, Kabul, in Dari 1300 gmt 9 Dec 15”

Dr. Ibrahim Nagm, advisor to the chief Muslim jurisconsult (mufti) of Egypt, slammed Trump as another example of the Islamophobia that threatens Western Muslims.

The office of the Mufti in Egypt called the remarks a clear expression of enmity toward Islam, and worried that they would cause antagonism against Western Muslims.

It isn’t exactly the same but by analogy, this would be like the Archbishop of a mostly Catholic country speaking out about US politics harming adherents. And, the parliament of Afghanistan, above, is not an non-entity.

Would it be too much to ask US cable & tv news to interview some real Muslim politicians from abroad on all this?

The Wafd newspaper in Egypt did a spread on Trump’s business investments in Gulf states such as the United Arab Emirates, with the title “Racist Trump hates Muslims but loves their money.”

The Palestinian al-Watan Voice said Trump had turned into Hitler.

Egyptian humorist Bassem Yousef said on Twitter that “I didn’t know Trump was fluent in Nazi.”

A lot of Muslims abroad reacted with humor and a conviction that the American people are better than this. Yousef followed up:


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  1. Let see, the conservative and the liberals hate him, the congress and the Knesset hate him, the media and the prince hate him. Let’s not go with the lesser of evil again. Our choices are not the good, the bad and the ugly, it’s the stupid, the full of it and the nutcase. the nutcase is our man and hopefully he will fire them all.

  2. Not sure what’s more barbaric: Trump on Muslims or the USA Government on Tariq Ramadan, 2004 visa denial.

  3. But this morning the news is that exit polls predict that French voters totally rejected Marie Le Pen’s National Front in regional elections on Sunday, depriving the party of victory in any of the country’s 13 regions.

    Fascism is not a political movement.

  4. I have a couple questions I would love to ask The Donald . . . and the rest of the Republican field for that matter.

    Mr. Trump: Could you explain the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims?

    How about Suffi and Salafi?

    Considering the fact that all the recent terrorist attacks have been carried out by Salafi’s would your ban extend to Shia Muslims as well?

    And why would that be, considering Shia Muslims have been the victims of far more attacks and killings than any westerners?

    I seriously doubt Trump knows the first thing about Islam.

  5. Trump is the ugly, racist American, that is embarrassing us all.

    The fact that there is even a small percentage of Americans who applaud him, and still support him, shows we have an ignorant population who does not know about Islam, but willing to demonize an entire religion, because of what an American idiot like Trump says.

    He, like some others, are giving this country a very bad image.

  6. Good and well-deserved bashing of Trump. Here is more:

    “The Insurgent Candidates” by Ralph Nader – link to


    “21 Questions For Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston – link to

    but what is much worse is the number of Americans who endorse Trump’s messages and those of his opponents with high polling – Cruz, Rubio, Jeb!, Fiorina and Hillary.

    At one time Hitler would get on his soap box in Vienna and be regarded as a crackpot. With bigger audiences his same message became the platform that raised him to Fuehrer, and we all (except, perhaps, Trump supporters) know where that led.

  7. Trump needs to adopt a Hispanic and a Muslim child and raise them as a Hispanic and a Muslim respectively to overcome his hatred of them.

    An even better idea would be for him to sponsor a few Syrian refugee families and look after them.

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