Poll: Bernie Sanders would beat ‘Embarrassment’ Trump by a Landslide

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A Quinnipiac Poll has found that 61% of Americans say Donald Trump does not share their values, 50% would be positively embarrassed to have him as president, and that Sen. Bernie Sanders would defeat him 51% to 38% . Sec. Hillary Clinton would defeat Trump by 47% to 40% if the election were held today, according to this poll.

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Wochit notes:

“According to the latest poll from Quinnipiac UniversityBernie Sanders would beat Donald Trump 51-38 in a general-election match-up, Or like Donald trump likes to taunt people he would get ‘Schlonged’ like he said about Hillary CLinton Earlier this Week. While he may be leading the GOP right now it doesnt mean much when 61 percent of Americans say the Republican frontrunner “does not share their values,”. Other polls by the University said 58 percent believe Trump “is not honest and trustworth”. But when it comes to the GOP Nod With 28 percent support, Trump Leads Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by 4 points, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio by 14 points.”

Wochit News: “Donald Trump Would Lose Terribly Against Bernie Sanders”

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    • Please Tim. A Rhodes Scholar, or anybody that knows Trump like Bill does can see how ridiculous this Trump man is (and I’m being nice to Trump).

  1. I am suspicious of the idea that independent voters simply fall between Democrats and Republicans on the political spectrum. I think they are people who don’t like to think ideologically, but by that token they have no ideological restraints against jumping on a bandwagon regardless of the consequences in other areas. My great fear of Trump is that his talk of solving all our problems merely by treating all Latinos and Moslems as enemy aliens will actually attract a lot of independents who don’t want to think this through. Once they become loyal to him personally, they will keep following him as he starts pushing for the power to use the government or even mobs of supporters to harass his critics.

    Clearly a man who intends to seize power this way will find a war with someone, anyone, to be an attractive solution.

  2. Trump is playing the magician.
    My take:
    He rouses the crowd by attacking the people whom the hoi polloi resent b/c they think the people he attacks are responsible for their sad economic condition and what they see as the moral degeneracy of the country. They urge him on in his role as attack dog against Hilary Clinton and all democrats.
    When he gets through no one is supposed to see through his smoke and mirrors to vote for her or any other dem/socialist candidate.

    The Rs put up a Cruz or Rubio, each of which has been quietly campaigning in “reasonable” mode, setting themselves up as responsible politicians–to whom his current supporters are supposed to turn at the polls.

    R’s operatives don’t care which of the campaigning Rs is chosen in the end, because all are firmly in the pockets of the people pulling the economic strings.

    Trump will drop out at the moment chosen by the R Party, possibly claiming ill health. (I might be banned for suggesting possible alternate ways of eliminating him as a candidate). He will instruct the crowds as to whom is the “best” candidate to carry “their” standard into the election.

    Hilary is beaten before voting starts, the R choice has all those clamoring crowds in support, Bernie will be forced into some sort of “come-to-Jesus-meeting”with the powerful money men , and the R candidate will end up Prez.

    No one looks behind the curtain to see what Trump is up to. But he wields power of the masses b/c there are those who see him as useful. He is used –and prolly paid well for his work, in goods, services, or other benefits—and then steps aside when his magic show is over. The magician who pulls rabbits out of hats, as in, votes away from Dem and Socialist alike.

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