Rural Fury over Arabic Script in World Cultures Module forces closing of Augusta, Va. Schools

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“VA’s Augusta County School District shut down over security concerns posed by parents who were angry about an Arabic calligraphy lesson. Officials didn’t mention a specific threat, but said that the “tone and content” of messages pouring in from the community and beyond was cause for extra caution.”

AJ+: “Anger Over Arabic Calligraphy Lesson Closes VA Schools”

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  1. This carries forward a grand tradition of American stupidity. About 1962 my mother suggested to a PTA meeting the teaching of French and Spanish in a rural public school in Pennsylvania, not far from a university, and was accused of Communism. The control of mass media and election funding by right wing fearmongers, allowing them to create foreign monsters and pose as protectors and accuse their opponents of disloyalty, has been the means of tyranny over democracy since Aristotle’s warning millennia ago. None of these things could happen if mass media and elections were controlled by the people. It is time for amendments to restrict funding of mass media and elections to limited and registered individual contributions.

  2. Yeah, this one is about as pathetic as it gets for a whole boat load of reasons – the ignorance, the fear, the close-mindedness, you name it. But as one who lives in a rural area none of it, I must say, is too surprising. Whether you call it Red, Rural, or Confederate America, people of a progressive or liberal mindset (i.e., those of us who have the courage to live in a fact based universe rather than marinate in a fever swamp) need to learn they have nothing to work with (or, to use a favorite adage of mine, never teach a pig to sing – it wastes your time and annoys the pig).

  3. Out of all the verses and phrases of an entire language, they had to pick one very likely to get Y’all Qaeda all fired up.

    You know they are looking for the slightest excuse to go Islamobashing and maintain that adrenaline rush they’re addicted to.

    Not very smart. Try something innocuous and stereotypical like “Open Sesame”. Baby steps.

    • It was a section on “World Religious ” in the class, was non-proselytizing, also included similar sections from “Judeo-Christianity”.

  4. It really becomes ridiculous when overindulged, overfed Mercans want to invade and occupy the whole world, yet are terrified of a tiny bit of education for their children to understand a small portion of history or geography which is not already in the tiny warped minds of the parents.

  5. It is not only embarrassing to be an American these days.

    It is scary.

    No doubt those fools making the threats are armed to their teeth.

  6. No Arabic writing! The numbers we have been using are Arabic numbers.
    Should we go back to I, IV,XCVIII, MXXX, etc. ?

    • They’re actually of Indian origin, hence “Hindu-Arabic” numerals. Arabs received considerable (pre-Islamic) Indian science and technology and reworked that knowledge by applying the philosophical concept of ‘aql’ in Islamic Rational Theology.

      Whence it was transmitted to Europe for its benefits in account-keeping and hence, profits in trade.

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