Britain’s Debate over Banning Trump by the Numbers

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

The British parliament will debate a motion to ban Donald Trump from the UK on January 18. Typically 100,000 signatures on a petition will provoke such a debate, but many more Britons asked for it than that.

Trump would hardly be the first person banned there for hate speech. The British Home office can ban outsiders who are considered likely to provoke trouble, and has kept out Muslim radicals such as Safwat Higazi and Yunus al-Astal and their opposite numbers, Western haters of Muslims such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Geert Wilders, and white supremacists like Stephen Donald ‘Don’ Black.

I suppose it is a bad enough humiliation for the US to have the leading candidate in one of the two parties considered very possibly to be in the same category as a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan or the Chief Inquisitor against Muslims. Here are some numbers to consider:

Number of Britons who petitioned for debate on Trump exclusion: 560,000

Number of Britons who petitioned for debate on allowing Trump in: 40,000

Number of years Britons can be jailed if found guilty of hate speech: 7

Population of UK: 64 million

Number of Muslims in UK: ~ 3 million

# of Muslims in British House of Commons: 13

# of women Muslims in House of Commons: 6

# of Muslims in House of Lords: 10

UK Gross Domestic Product (nominal): ~$3 trillion

How much investment in Scotland Trump has threatened to pull: ~ $1 billion


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  1. Anyone interested can watch the debate by following this link:
    link to .

    There’s to be no vote and fwiw I doubt if many MPs will bother to turn up, apart from the well-meaning Mr Flynn of course.

    If you follow “show on a map” on the link above you’ll see that a lot of the support for the petition has come from Scotland. This may be for reasons unconnected with Mr Trumps comments regarding Muslims. See for example
    link to Mr Trump does seem to have an unusual talent for annoying people.

  2. “Number of years Britons can be jailed if found guilty of hate speech: 7”

    What an obnoxious concept. So glad that we won our independence from those monarchists . . .

  3. These British petitioners have apparently forgotten the old saw about people in glass houses throwing stones. They would be better served by a petition calling for Tony Blair and other British national figures to stand trial along the lines of the Nuremberg Trials for their part in the war on Iraq. Anyone interested in making up a rap sheet for Donald Trump will find many charges to list against him but none, yet, for waging a war of choice against another country that was no threat. To the contrary, Trump opposed the war on Iraq.

  4. nice to know democracy is alive and well in the U.K. Getting a debate with 100K signatures, not bad.

    Now as to the Donald. if he preaches hate then he ought to be kept out of G.B. They have done it before and there is no reason they can’t do it again.

    if Donald wants to pull his “investments” out of G.B., let him. It will most likely cost him a lot more than it will cost G.B. It will also send a message, your money doesn’t buy you respectability.

    Now as to Tony and the gulf war, agree, he and George ought both to be pulled into the Hague to stand trial along with a few others. Might send an even better message. War for the sake of oil is not on. Its not civilized. They destroyed the countries they invaded. Its a form of genocide. Just because Tony and George are important and rich and from the west doesn’t mean they can’t stand trial. It might send a message to others who want to invade a country just because they have “some information”. They invaded Iraq, but hey we still have North Korea and their leader doing just fine. Why didn’t they ever invade that country. why have they sat around while genocides in other countries continued, especially in Africa.

    we have these courts, lets use them. they ought not to be reserved for those we don’t like.

  5. Typical British hypocrisy and deception. Donald trump has been news fed by UK’s Henry Jackson centre, quallicom etc. about islamfacism. Britain contains the most vicious anti Muslim public figures even anti immigration political party. The left is virtually non existent in UK. BBC and other British media often feature clowns as spokesperson for Islam that only help them to propagate their “clash of civilisation” rhetoric ( Bernard Lewis ). Trump is an innocent baby compared to Enoch Powell. Saudi Arabia and Israel both were created by UK. Saud was known to British for its atrocities in the 1800 when they first attempted but failed to capture Arabia. In the 1920s it helped to get them to power for oil and of course to maintain the divide and rule( fanatic tribe Saudis and rest of the Muslims).

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