In Irony, Trump Trolls Ted Cruz with Birtherism; WH Amused

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“Donald Trump is back in the “birther” game. The GOP presidential candidate is taking on Ted Cruz by questioning his citizenship, a tactic he previously used against President Obama. Nancy Cordes reports.”


CBS Evening News: “Trump goes after Cruz for Canadian birth”



“White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said it would be ironic if Senator Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, won the Republican presidential nomination considering the drama surrounding President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. (Jan. 6)”

AP: “Earnest: ‘Ironic’ If Cruz Wins GOP Nomination”

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  1. Trump points out difference between mere “citizenship,” and being “natural born.” All know Cruz is NOT a “natural born” citizen. Two separate legal issues. “Natural born” has always meant born INSIDE the U.S. Canada is not INSIDE the U.S. Cruz and his supporters, along with lazy reporters, incorrectly use both terms interchangeably. The common law of England, as well as U.S. law, clearly, very clearly, distinguish the two. Anyone who concludes otherwise is being intellectually dishonest and is a shill for Cruz. See, U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), where the U.S. Supreme Court clarifies the meaning of “natural born” persons. The Court very specifically holds English common law governs the issue. Easy. If you were born OUTSIDE the 50 states, you are not “natural born.” Every foreign service brat, and every military brat know this simple rule.

    • My understanding is that the conception of ‘natural born’ was an 18th century British one, referring to subjects of the Crown born outside the borders of the British Empire, and affirming that they were British if their parents were.

      • Even if one parent is (such as the President’s mother), not merely the male parent as a century ago, since women were accorded equal rights in this connection, if I recall aright, 3 years after they won the right to vote here in 1920. It used to be a woman lost her American nationality and acquired her foreign husband’s the moment she said, “I do.” But how unfair and biased people can be about what makes a person American generally!

        25% of the Founding Fathers and many other men in the Continental service on land and sea were born abroad, though they had the obvious right to fully unqualified citizenship from their allegiance to the country from its birth and winning of independence, and could’ve been president or VP, though I can think only of Hamilton who would have had aspirations in that direction.

  2. at some point some one should ask Trump for his and a medical report to determine if he is of a sound mind, you know sound enough to run the U.S.A.

    Of course if Trump and Cruz square off over this, the rest of the candidates can have a real debate about the issues.

  3. Peter Van Buren writes about that here: link to (also bring up the point that John McCain was born in Panama Canal Zone; also, Mitt Romney’s father – who also once ran for President – was born in, um, Mexico).

    Then there is “On the Meaning of ‘Natural Born Citizen'” at the Harvard Review: link to

    And the State Department’s take on it: link to

    No matter how odd Cruz’s calling himself “Natural Born”, he is a U.S.Citizen.

  4. The issue is, why did so many Republicans scream about Obama’s birth certificate when, even in the worst case scenario, he was as much a US citizen as Cruz. The answer is, in their eyes no liberal is really American, and the tiniest legal angle thus proves that Obama and his supporters are traitors. This is about allegiance to the religion of Americanism, by which Cruz’s anti-Communist Cuban parents were okay, and Obama’s hippie mom wasn’t.

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