Media Blackout on Bernie Sanders Continues even though he leads Trump in Polls

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The Tyndall Report, a non-partisan media monitoring firm that has been tracking the nightly news broadcasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC, found that Trump is tromp, tromp, tromping over the airtime of everyone else.

From last January through November, these dominant flagship news shows devoted 234 minutes of prime-time coverage to the incessant chirping of the yellow-crested birdbrain, with no other contender getting even a fourth of that.

iprimages/ Flickr

iprimages/ Flickr

Take Bernie Sanders, who’s stunning the political establishment with a fiery populist campaign that’s drawing record crowds. Indeed, Sanders’ upstart campaign is commanding a comparable share of support within the Democratic Party’s voting base to what Trump is enjoying from the Republican electorate.

And — get this — polls also show Bernie trouncing The Donald if they face each other in November’s presidential showdown. So surely he’s getting a proportional level of media coverage by the networks on our public airwaves, right?

Ha, just kidding! The big networks’ devotion of 234 minutes to all-things-Trump was “balanced” by less than 10 minutes for Sanders. Most egregious was ABC, the Disney-owned network. ABC’s World News Tonight awarded 81 minutes of national showtime to Trump last year — and for Bernie: 20 seconds.

How self-serving of the media moguls. The one candidate who is effectively rallying large numbers of voters to oppose the rise of corporate oligarchy — including in the media — has the plug pulled on him.

Of course, this only amplifies the truth of what Sanders is saying about the villainy of corporate profiteers, and it fuels a greater determination by his millions of grassroots supporters to end the reign of greed in America.

OtherWords columnist Jim Hightower is a radio commentator, writer, and public speaker. He’s also the editor of the populist newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown, and a member of the Public Citizen board.



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  1. mstoef

    even should he take campaign lead MSM would stay course. sadly, Dems would prob not back him either.

  2. Censoring Sanders, is what this is.
    Maybe this will give Sanders an edge-because by the end of the winter voters will be sick of seeing and hearing the other candidates who are all over the media. Overexposure might hurt them, and they’ll jump the shark.
    He’s doing well without the corporate media. The lack of coverage makes him a breath of fresh air to a public sick of hype and re-hype ad nauseam.

  3. We in the west are truly free because we have democracy … no dictatorships or military coups for us lucky people … we the people can elect anyone we like (providing of course the elite let us know who is standing) and if by some chance the newcomers views are slightly at odds with the views of the 1% (such as Jeremy Corbyn in UK) then of course he / she will be reported about but only in the most vitriolic terms whereby every single blemish of their personality / clothing / likes dislikes / facial hair / etc etc will be ridiculed and highlighted but the one thing which wont be highlighted is his / her policies … its a wonderful system we have and we should all be proud that we live in a free country and have democracy!

  4. The best graphic was produced by Media Matters (or that is where I saw it) – and it looks like DT media time is flipping everyone the bird. That is why we need to support Bernie Sanders – a lot of MSM are ignoring him because they are afraid of a democratically led/run country.

  5. Cuban cigar syndrome. We always want what you won’t let us have . Go Bernie! Except Bernie is running as a democrat I thought. Forgive my lack of knowledge. Not from this country.

  6. Yes indeed-y.

    Sanders recently came in first in’s straw poll of how its members would vote in a Democratic primary. Among this base of relatively well-motivted Democrats, Clinton got waxed, with Sanders taking 78% of the 300,000+ votes cast online this past weekend.

    It’s going to be an interesting campaign. As of now, Sanders beats Trump. Trump beats Clinton. Clinton beats Cruz/Rubio, and Cruz/Rubio may beat Sanders. Kind of a 4-way rock/paper/scissors situation…

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