White Oregon Terrorists mocked: YeeHaw-dists, Y’all-Qaeda

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“A group of armed men took over a building on federal land in remote western Oregon. They’ve been there for a few days without any police intervention. Meanwhile, Twitter is finding clever ways to call out some double standards in the media.”

AJ+: “Oregon Armed Men Mocked As ‘Y’all Qaeda'”

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8 Responses

  1. These “terrorists” want to convert public land to private use – THEIRS.

    The same b@†$h¡† fools who tried this in Nevada.

    Just an excuse for man/child to express private shortcomings by waving firearms.

  2. Rancher Libertarians: Completely dependent upon federal lands to graze their herd, but fully convinced of their own independence.

  3. Maybe the army recruiters could visit and sign ’em up for service in the real desert against people who are actually taking public and privater property and who will really fire at them if they pitch a tent on the wrong piece of it. See how gung ho they are then…….. Or let these guys take over a Trump property and see how it falls out…..
    Why have the feds not sent in a team of Ferguson cops to clean up the mess?
    SOMEBODY is benefiting from this hysterical drama and I’d like to know who……..

    • “the feds send in a team”

      You may or may not recall, but this went over very badly at Ruby Ridge and Waco in the 1990s and created a whole passel of “martyrs to gummint tyranny”, as well as accompanying conspiracy theories. RR was what inspired good ol’ boy Timmy McViegh to blow up the Murrah federal building in OK City, as a result.

      Now, doing basically nothing has just emboldened more of these Judas Maccabee wannabes, and encouraged a big increase in the number of wingnut “militias”, so the “let them wear themselves out” strategy leaves a lot to be desired also.

      This being a presidential election year, any kind of effective government action will be cited as evidence of Democrat tyranny, and mobilize the wingnut (Repub) base. So we may be stuck just letting these yahoos tear up and damage as much as they can in the wildlife refuge, at least until the second week in November.

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