Will Iowa’s Women Dems choose Hillary or Bernie?

Judy Woodruff | (PBS Newshour Video Report) | – –

“Three days out from the Iowa caucuses, Democrats are weighing whether to go with the presumed favorite, Hillary Clinton, or to defy expectations by championing Bernie Sanders. For both candidates, women are a crucial demographic. Judy Woodruff reports on how Iowa’s female voters see the race.”

PBS Newshour: “Between Clinton and Sanders, a tough fight for Iowa women”

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  1. Dear Professor Cole

    Here is the White House vote

    Hillary Clinton’s unsecured home server contained more than a dozen emails deemed “top secret”- one of the highest levels of classification in the US government, the White House has said.
    State Department spokesman John Kirby said the emails were not marked classified at the time they were sent.
    Mrs Clinton’s use of a personal email as secretary of state has become an issue in her presidential campaign.
    This is the first time her emails have been labelled classified at any level.
    Messages were marked “top secret” because they would cause “exceptionally grave” damage to national security if disclosed, the State Department said.

    link to bbc.co.uk

    David Petraeus was binned for lesser offences.

  2. Hillary Clinton is a woman, but is she a feminist? Was she a feminist when she sat on the board of Wal-Mart and pushed the same anti-worker agenda as her male colleagues? (Two-thirds of low-wage workers are women, after all.) Was she a feminist when she voted to invade Iraq, pushed military intervention in Libya, or backed a coup in Honduras, during which the new U.S.-backed government murdered opposition political candidates, including peasant organizers and LGBT activists?

    Feminism has never been about merely allowing women to serve in combat or as commander-in-chief, though certainly they are capable. Feminism is much more radical than that; it is about fundamentally changing our concept of security and building a foreign policy that actually makes American’s lives safer, rather than one that destroys lives (disproportionately women’s lives) at home and abroad.

    • The problem is, what you are describing is EXACTLY what right-wingers successfully accuse feminism of being; a front for socialism and the weakening of the superior White American to the level of the global mud races. America learns to live with equality to the extent that the people being raised make themselves useful to capitalism. The corporations want to empower Carly Fiorinas (to her former company’s regret, no doubt), not Angela Davises, or even safe media liberals like Rachel Maddow.

      I guess the game is to appoint a Head Female whom other women surrender their concerns to and then shut the **** up, in the same way that the quadrennial Black GOP contender like Herman Cain and Ben Carson is the putative Head Negro – not really meant to win the presidency, but a magnanimous show of willingness to treat the Other as a junior partner in the glorious, essentially Anglo and masculine pursuit of world ownership. The position of the American people as a whole is just a tiny bit to the Left of that, which is why people who aren’t Leftist activists don’t have a problem with Hillary Clinton’s eternal corporate pandering in both domestic and foreign policy.

  3. Unsurprisingly, the *real* divide is by age. Women over 45 prefer Hillary; women under 45 prefer Bernie.

    Bernie’s kind of politics is the future of the US, which is kind of hilarious given how old he is. I hope he wins because 4 more years of business-as-usual will be terrible for the US and the world. But if he doesn’t, his supporters will be back in 4 years with another candidate and will have even more power. The trend is unmistakable.

    The only threats are: an outright fascist like Trump; and election theft.

  4. My worry is that his supporters WON’T be back in four years because we will have entirely given up on bourgeois representative democracy. Now the goal of the Right is to get people to do exactly that and stop trying to exercise their rights. But clearly representation has failed and we should be trying to build the democratic replacement – while still participating in the existing system so it isn’t used to outlaw our project.

    To me, the great problem is that those classes, ethnicities and genders who want to be governed well get out-participated by that White Christian tribal patriarchy that doesn’t want to be governed at all. Which is quite strange on the face of it. If the poor voted in the same numbers as the rich, non-Whites in the same numbers as Whites, the last 40 years of our history would be wildly different.

    This is why Occupy happened, and then seemed to disappear. It is necessary to be Democrats on Election Tuesdays and then become Occupy for 729 out of 730 other days. That’s just too much of a strain on our loyalties. Our radical ancestors could do it because of an entire strata of private associations that united them against their higher-status oppressors: unions, fraternal orders, churches and the simple fact that under early capitalism, the workers of a particular industry all lived in the same neighborhood, often were of the same non-WASP ethnicity, and shared their lives and hatreds. All of that has been swept away.

    Now we think of ourselves firstly as consumers – beneficiaries of the capitalists, instead of workers. We share commercials and show off our purchases to our neighbors, then drive off to completely different jobs and places than they do.

    So that’s where the change will have to come. Occupy was like the early labor clashes after the Civil War, events that made people aware that others were out there who were alienated from this social order. Sanders is like the early socialists who ran for president. We can’t get further than this until we have permanent organizations that both benefit us (self-interest is always paramount) and require the replacement of the existing social structure.

    Self-interest means the replacement must be built around the ways we will make a living in the future. We may already have the tools to replace financialized, globalized capitalism – self-production via 3D printers, CNC machines, solar panels, mutual financing via Kickstarter and Patreon, wildly decentralized free media via YouTube. We do not yet know how these will come together into a system powerful enough to resist the retaliation of the old order.

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