Can Hillary Close Gender Gap? Young Women for Bernie in NH

Lester Holt | (NBC News video report) | – –

“Hillary Clinton is trailing far behind Bernie Sanders amongst young women — a paradigm that appears to be a surprise to the Clintons in the 2016 election.”

Polls Show Young Women Flocking to Sanders in New Hampshire | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Millennials in white, liberal N.H. poll/vote differently than millennials other parts of the country,, where Clinton is well in the lead.

    Really, it doesn’t matter much, because Clinton is far, far ahead where she needs to be. I don’t see people in other states rushing to vote like NH.

    Iowa and NH were cited by 538’s polling as #2 and #3 in the most white, liberal states, right behind Vermont. Nevada is a caucus and could be fairly well challenged by Sanders, but South Carolina?! Very pro-Clinton, with strong support, even from millennials. Voting has already begun in the state, so lots of ballots are locking in Clinton’s big lead there.

    Really, Sanders’ campaign is going to stall out pretty badly, come Super Tuesday, without the kind of demographics needed to make headway, and a definite lack of young voter registration in time for many of these upcoming contests.

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