Is the future Socialist? Bernie Sanders swept 84% of the Youth Vote in Iowa

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Sanders captured the youth vote in Iowa. However, youth voter turnout was down 4 percent from when President Barack Obama ran in 2008.

In what the Iowa Democratic Party is calling its closest-ever vote, there is one demographic that was far from close: young voters. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders swept the under-30 demographic, winning 84 percent of their votes, and 54 percent of 30-45-years-olds.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, did well among older voters, CBS reports, winning 58 percent of 45 to 64-year-olds and 69 percent of those over 65.

Overall, the vote was a virtual tie, with both candidates receiving over 49.5 percent. Clinton’s 0.3 percent lead will translate into 699.57 state delegate equivalents to Sanders’ 695.49. Under-30 voter turnout failed to reach 2008 levels when President Barack Obama first ran for office. Had youth voter turnout matched 2008 levels, which accounted for 22 percent of the vote, Sanders would have won Iowa.

Nevertheless, Sanders is calling for a raw vote count and that the counts still to take place in Iowa take place in an “honest” manner.

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TeleSur: ” Bernie Sanders Sweeps 84% of Youth in Iowa”

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  1. The Iowa Caucus means absolutely nothing. The TOTAL Democratic Party polling for the entire state was a few votes over 1,600. Republican dingbat Dr. Carson received 17,395 votes, 10X the total accumulated by the entire opposition party. The top three Republicans, (father, son and holy ghost – Trump, Rubio and Cruz accumulated 140,358 votes, Cruz winning with 51,666).

    Basing anything on the results in Iowa given the stilted voter turnout by the far-right evangelicals (witness the Canadian false-prophet Cruz victory) and the utter lack of involvement by Democratic Party voters makes Iowa results statistically irrelevant.

    A future which includes the balance attainable through Bernie Sanders-like leadership cannot be characterized as a trend based on 700 votes. No matter the age of the voters.

  2. Bernie admires the Scandinavian countries. In Sweden, 90% of industry is privately owned. In classic socialism, the people own the means of production. The future belongs to some kind of mixed economy. Business must be regulated but not destroyed. Taxing the private sector funds the public sector. Anarho-capitalism and Marxism both belong in the dustbin of history.

  3. The Iowa Democratic Party Chair Andy McGuire said just over 171,000 Iowa Democrats showed up to caucus. The Dems don’t cast ballots like the Republicans do. They have a confusing process. There are 1,681 precincts in Iowa. Somebody mixed up the precinct number with the turnout.

    • Both the Des Moines Register and the NYT initially misreported the numbers from precincts as votes.

      This note appeared in the NYT after the initial results were reported.

      “*The vote totals for the Iowa Democratic Party are State Delegate Equivalents, which represent the estimated number of state convention delegates that the candidates would have, based on the caucus results. The Associated Press inflates county level totals by 100, as state delegate equivalent numbers for some candidates are often very small fractions.”

      But it is my mistake, nevertheless. And thanks for pointing it out, bob.

      Does not alter the fact the Iowa Caucus means nothing except evangelicals can get out the vote in rural areas.

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