Israel: Former official Labeled Traitor for backing Vets Denouncing Occupation

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Former Israeli FM Director Vilified for Support of “Breaking the Silence”

Attendees of an Israeli Knesset Education Committee meeting, on Tuesday, called for the dismissal of former Foreign Ministry director Alon Liel, after the official criticized the Israeli right and supported efforts to end Israel’s ongoing military occupation.

Liel, also a former Israeli ambassador to South Africa, initially came under fire in January after video footage reportedly revealed him in a meeting with members of Breaking the Silence, an Israeli organization which documents testimonies of Israeli soldiers regarding their time in service.

The recording aired Leil’s support of the group’s efforts to increase international pressure on Israel, citing such pressure as necessary because Israel’s “political system is lost.”

The ex-diplomat also praised members of Breaking the Silence as ”the most moral, wisest people who… were not brainwashed by right-wing messianic propaganda.”



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  1. Several other former high-raking intelligence, military, and police officials have spoke out in support of Breaking the Silence, including former Shin Bet intelligence director Ami Ayalon:

    link to

    Ayalon, also a former Member of Knesset, had earlier made waves by:

    (A) submitting to an interview in the Oscar-nominated documentary “The Gatekeepers” in which he was interviewed, along with four other Shin Bet directors, who accused the Israeli government of intentionally subverting the Israeli/Palestinian peace process for political motives;

    (B) publicly expressing support for the Iranian nuclear agreement as being in Israel’s best interests.

  2. Israel is completely, utterly screwed. A majority of the people who the government allows to vote have now bought into messianic lunatic propaganda.

    The real problem is that these nuts have nuclear weapons. The best thing which could happen to Israel is the total destruction of its nuclear weapons program ASAP.

    If the messianic nuts running Israel launch a nuke, Israel and Palestine will, by *self defense action* of Russia and/or China, both be obliterated from the sky and the Holy Land will become an uninhabitable exclusion zone. I think nobody really wants that.

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