Top 5 Crazy things Ben Carson said about Middle East and Islam

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Ben Carson is withdrawing from the GOP primary fight.

Since he has emerged as the front runner, the focus of the press and politicians has been on Donald Trump and his erratic and often bizarre pronouncements.

But back last fall, Trump was running neck and neck with Ben Carson, who said things even more wacky than did Trump. That Carson was for several months so popular with GOP voters is evidence that the Trump phenomenon is not about Trump. It is about Republican voters, who like several flavors of crazy.

Here are some Carson pronouncements on Islam and the Middle East

1. Despite the Constitution’s rejection of a religious test for office, Carson maintains that a Muslim should not be president of the US. He maintains that a believing Muslim could not perform the duties of his office.

2. Carson visited Syrian refugees in Jordan and pronounced that they did not want to come to the US. Life in refugee camps is pretty horrible; I think they’d take a visa if it were on offer.

3. Carson urged that the US turn its foreign policy toward Iran over to Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and just carry out his commands.

4. Carson wants to declare the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) terrorist organizations, even though they are peaceful.

5. Carson argued that droning Middle Eastern women and children could be justified as ‘merciful’, and that “You have to be able to look at the big picture and understand that it’s actually merciful if you go ahead and finish the job rather than death by 1,000 pricks. . .

Ben, we bloggers will all miss you, as will all the standup comedians.

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  1. My favorite:
    Carson claimed that scientists believe that aliens built the Egyptian Pyramids, however he believes that they were built for grain storage for the biblical Joseph.

  2. Professor Sahib,

    It’s another evidence that professional education such as engineering and medicine can never make you am informed groomed thinking citizen. You can make good money, but it would of necessity show you a banal jejune ignoramus when it comes to issues of literature, history, and foreign policy.

    I am an engineer and can vouch for engineers. Now Dr. Ben Carson has made it clear that physicians are no different either.

  3. It seems that no Republican candidate can do any harm to his popularity by attacking Islam and Muslims. However, Ben Carson made some other interesting comments. For a doctor he had some extreme views about abortion. He said abortion should be outlawed in all circumstances, including in cases of rape and incest, and compared it to slavery.

    Again, as an educated man, it is strange that he rejected the scientific consensus that human activity was at least partly responsible for climate change. He even said that he found the debate on climate change to be “irrelevant” and a distraction from protecting the environment.

    As someone who was so opposed to Islam, his tax plan including a 14.9% flat tax for all, except the poorest, is very similar to Islamic Khums or 20% of annual income. His plan would eliminate taxation of capital gains, dividends and interest at the individual level, and he described progressive taxation as socialism. In fact, he claimed inspiration for his flat rate system from the traditional tithe, saying, “I think God is a pretty fair guy.” According to tax experts, apparently his tax system “would increase the deficit by $3 trillion in just one year”.

    As a peace-loving Christian, he was pretty reckless to say “military force is not off the table when it comes to Russia.” If that did not usher in Armageddon I don’t know what would.

    Perhaps his most innovative foreign policy initiative was to force ISIS out of Iraq in order to allow that group to focus on overthrowing the Assad regime. I suppose after they took over all of Syria he would then carpet bomb them in just one country.

    However, what I find most troubling are Dr. Carson’s views about the literal interpretation of the Bible, including the first chapters of Genesis. In an interview in 2013, he said: “You know, I’m proud of the fact that I believe what God has said, and I’ve said many times that I’ll defend it before anyone. If they want to criticize the fact that I believe in a literal, six-day creation, let’s have [a go] at it because I will poke all kinds of holes in what they believe.” It shows that even an advanced level of education cannot remove the virus of religious fanaticism. No wonder the world is in such a mess.

    I think he would have a hard time even selling those ideas to Iranian ayatollahs. He will be greatly missed. He provided some relief from The Donald.

  4. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current head of al-Qaida, is also a physician and surgeon. Excelling in a particular branch of science does not preclude the possibility of one’s harboring crackpot views of matters outside his narrow field of expertise. And then there’s Dr. Josef Mengele…

  5. A lot of your other candidates have made just as many ridiculous statements. Honestly America if these are the sort of people you can get to represent you then there is no hope for the USA. The only reason you can proclaim yourselves as leaders of the world is because of your arms production and your love of killing anyone who does not think you are the KING PIN and who will not do as they are told. Wake up America and get yourselves educated then there may be some hope for you. Then you can join the rest of us and have sensible discussions on how to deal with the troubles of the world. First though you need to seriously look at someone like Sanders, though he is not perfect he can at least see what is wrong with America. The best day of my life was when I left and joined my thoughts with an educated free thinking country.

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