White Terrorist and Muslim-Hater Breivik Sues Norway over ‘Inhumane Treatment’

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“Anders Breivik’s trial over inhumane prison conditions just ended. His more serious complaints include 23-hour isolation, censorship and hundreds of strip searches. In 2011 he killed 77 people in what he calls an attempt to prevent “Islamization.” A decision is expected in April.”

AJ+: “Anders Breivik, Norway Mass Killer, Sues Over Inhumane Treatment”

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  1. I hope this criminal continues this same sentence with no change whatsoever. He must be delusional thinking that after massacring young children, he should be treated humanely.
    He showed these innocent victims no mercy when he killed them so violently. I hope he gets kicked out of the courts, and continues to suffer in his jail sell.

    • He is, and is likely to continue being, very well treated.

      Few nations would be as compassionate towards this person. He is insane.

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