12% Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Earliest on Record: “This is Epic!”

Ed Schultz | (RT America) | – –

“Environmentalists are calling attention to record-high temperatures at 41 degrees above normal in Greenland, causing a rapid melting of ice. For more on the early-season heatwave conservation biologist Dr. Reese Halter joins β€˜News With Ed.’”

RT America: “Early heatwave to have big impact on US eastern seaboard – scientist”

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  1. There were Viking settlements in Greenland a 1,000 years ago. That’s why they called it Greenland. It had a temperate climate with lots of vegetation. By the mid 1500’s however the climate got a lot colder and the Viking settlements disappeared.

    Could we be seeing a return to a more temperate climate in Greenland?

  2. @Ronmac. It was called Greenland for two reasons. The name “Iceland” was already taken, and nobody was going to move from Iceland to a place called “New Iceland”. IE it was PR by Eric the Red.
    The icecap covering most of Greenland has been there for at least 100,000 years. So, to claim that it had “lots of vegetation” is missleading. You can only mean that the relatively small area on the west coast that was habitable was slightly larger.
    You also ignore the people who managed to live on Greenland prior to (2000BC) and post Norse colonization.
    Don’t imply that the very slightly “warmish” period in Greenland during the Norse occupation is in anyway normal and amazing discoveries under the thick glacial ice will prove this. It wont.
    Have you heard of this site: link to en.wikipedia.org

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