Billionaire buying Election & Given Free Airtime sulks that System is Rigged

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“Donald Trump is slamming the Republican party after losing more delegates to Ted Cruz in Colorado this weekend. And on Sunday, Trump’s convention manager likened Cruz’s campaign tactics to that of the Gestapo, the feared secret police under Nazi Germany. Editor-in-chief of The Hill, Bob Cusack joins CBSN to discuss.”

CBSN: “Trump calls nominee selection process “rigged and crooked” ”

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  1. EdwBrown

    I guess you missed the GA Senate race where NUNN (D) spent ~ $24M and the (R) ~$9M and she lost.

  2. I think Trump is right. The system IS rigged. The Super Delegate system is itself undemocratic. Who elects them? How are they apportioned? These, plus the constantly-changing convention ‘rules’, were set up to stop insurgents in both parties. They can and will be used against any insurgency, not just Trump! I am shocked there’s not more outrage about this.

  3. It’s alarming how few people know how politics plays out and what the rules are and who makes them in the U.S. We’re not a democracy, we’re a hybrid. We elect people to be our vote and they don’t do it if they don’t want to because those are the rules, especially if there’s a contested/brokered convention and it goes to vote more than once. Nobody pledged to Trump has to vote for him after the first time. At least Paul Ryan made very clear today he will not be in the running should the convention go sideways.

  4. Unprecedented in U.S. history, corporate-controlled media coverage of Presidential primary candidates and especially the extremists embedded like ticks on the GOP, amounts to a 24/7 force-feeding of total insanity presented as normal.

    The Trump •••clown media act is allineare to a latter-day Rupert Murdoch – the best way to bring something down is to relentlessly lampoon it into the ground.

    The major problem with “lampoonist philosophy” is far too many take the never-ending Trump “reality show” to heart – much the same as what FAUXNews hurls is taken to heart.

    Fortunately, Donald Trump will NEVER be our President. The inability to separate reality from “a deal” and a glaring need for attention and validation far overarches any ability to competently lead.

    ‘You can fool all of the people, some of the time. You can fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.’ ” – spoken by Abraham Lincoln at the 1856 Republican Convention.

    Trump and his ilk are 160 years, too late.

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