Could Trump losing Wisconsin halt his successful ride?

Ed Schultz | (RT America) | – –

“Ted Cruz is expected to win the Wisconsin primary on the heels of what many are calling a bad week for frontrunner Donald Trump. But what happens if Trump can’t reach 1,237 delegates? Two-thirds of the delegates would become ‘unbound,’ leading to a ‘free-for-all,’ says Matt Schlapp, Chair of the Conservative Union. Then, conservative talk show host Michael Medved tells RT America’s Ed Schultz that most Republican voters are motivated by ‘self-preservation’ and may abandon Trump.”

RT America: “Could Trump losing Wisconsin halt his successful ride?”

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  1. How does Medved, who 37 years ago co-wrote a crappy book about crappy movies wind up with his own talkshow and is treated as an expert who knows anything about anything?

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