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  1. Isis Kovacs

    Finkelstein was right, it’s a lunatic state. I couldn’t get out of it quick enough. Jerusalem is scary, erasing its Arab history.

  2. Large elements of the Jewish Israeli society likewise celebrated Baruch Goldstein and Yigal Amir. The racism is so deep it can only be seen by fewer and fewer. Where are the voices like Yeshayahu Leibowitz’s? This prophet predicted that Occupation would lead to a culture of racism that would consume Jewish society. He recognized that “Jewish-Israeli” values were becoming like those of fascist states. In 2009 two rabbis…, Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur, published a book called “The Law of the King.” “The book’s repeated themes are that a Jew’s life is worth more than a gentile’s, and that for a Jew to kill a gentile is a lesser sin than killing another Jew….Indeed, they claim, there is even a basis in religious law to argue that [gentile] children may be intentionally targeted, ‘if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us [Jews].’” link to detailedpoliticalquizzes.wordpress.com

  3. A state in which shooting people point-blank in the head is considered “manslaughter” is actually either a failed state or a terrorist state.

    • During the Operation Cast Lead incursion into Gaza, an Arab woman waving a white flag was shot in the temple and died, but the responsible IDF soldier was charged with manslaughter and later pled to negligent homicide and received a lenient sentence during his court martial – whereas a soldier in a separate incident who stole and used a Gazan’s credit card received a 7-month jail term, largely because an Israeli financial institution was concurrently victimized by the unauthorized use.

      The above-referenced Gaza homicide incident was covered in the 462-page Goldstone Commission report as characterized as credible proof a war crime and crime against humanity.

      The crime of voluntary manslaughter is defined at law as a homicide committed during the heat of passion before there has been time to allow the “blood to cool” by an individual where a reasonable person would have motivated to kill under the same circumstances.

      The case involving IDF soldier Elor Azraya does not involve such facts:

      (1) Cpl. Azraya appeared completely calm on all videotape versions published;

      (2) a soldier – especially a medical corpsman such as Cpl. Azraya – who kills an arrestee cannot be held “reasonable” under any circumstances.

      The actions of Cpl. Azraya – whose identity has been censored by the Israeli government but leaked out via blogs – would have likely in any similar situation in the U.S. been charged with “open murder” leaving discretion to a judge or jury to decide whether to convict of either murder or manslaughter.

  4. Meanwhile, the vast majority of US Congressmen and Congresswomen seem to be of the position that the US should give more money to Israel.

    It is a very weird relationship.

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