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  1. The reasons the French Parliament banned the burqa are sound. If there are women who would rather not leave their home for fear of arrest, government social workers need to make contact with these women and treat their phobia of being seen in public without a Burqa. If such treatment is unsuccessful what conclusion could possibly be drawn other than these women are unfit mothers.
    Not only should all children be removed from their custody,
    for the safety of the children, these women should be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric institution to cure them of their delusions.
    Yes I am fully aware that such tactics would have made Stalin proud. I really do not care. The idea that every tradition of every culture needs to be respected is bull.
    Once upon a time there might have been a time and place that burqas made sense. Now wearing burkas make no more sense than the old Chinese custom of binding women’s feet.

    • “The idea that every tradition of every culture needs to be respected is bull.”

      This is especially true of those who choose to immigrate to countries with a culture very different from there own. I have spent many years living and working in Muslim countries, and I always observed and respected their culture in terms of conduct and dress. When Muslims choose to immigrate to Western countries, they should be equally sensitive to the culture of their host country.

      We in the west do not completely cover a woman in a veil, whether with a burqa or a niqab. It is not considered appropriate to hide one’s entire face behind such a facade. It could almost be termed rude. When Muslims, or any other group, immigrate to the West, they bear the burden of accommodating themselves to Western culture and values; it is not up to the West to bend its values and culture to accommodate the culture and values of the immigrant.

  2. The burqa is an example of being “more Catholic than the Pope” (if I may use that expression). It is extremism that goes beyond the orthodox teachings of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never ordered that women hide their face, feet, or hands. And even in Saudi Arabia, no woman who makes the pilgrimage to Mecca is allowed to cover her face during the pilgrimage rites.

    We have been warned to avoid extremism of the kind exemplified by the burqa and the practices of Da’esh (ISIS), al-Qa’eda, Boko Haram, etc. The Prophet (PBUH) said:

    “Beware of extremism in religion because that was the only thing that destroyed those who came before you.”

  3. Covering women from head to toe is actually pre-Islam. The kings of Arabia used to steal beautiful women for their harems so men started to cover their “property” so no one could see what he had. Thus it became cultural for women to be all covered up, not religious. Now it is just about control.

  4. What women wear or don’t wear is no business of anyone, government, public or other wise.
    It is a right of a woman to wear what she wants! If she want to wear ultra shorts with a halter top she does that doesn’t she, you don’t find anyone objecting to that do you?
    Usually muslim women who are devout wear burqas and unlike the women who warehouse their kids at 3 months of age in the west, these muslim women make devout mothers and they have very balanced, well mannered kids.
    So back off from dictating what women should or should not wear! it is no ones business!

    • The last time that I checked devout balanced well mannered children become that type of adults that are exactly designed for service to an empire not a republic.
      Furthermore a woman does not need to wear a Burqa to raise children that can question authority, know when the adults around them are feeding them a line of BS, and have compassion for those less fortunate than themselves, and have the wisdom to know how to fix a problem and not make it worse.
      Since settng the example of wearing a burqa is such an incredibly bad example to set for children it is all the evidence that sane people need to to see that the parents of children growing up in households in which the mother is wearing a burqa need to be removed from that home.
      Any husband that would insist on his wife wearing a burqa needs to be imprisoned for spouseal abuse.
      The leaders of a society are responsible for helping to develope the members of a society (and vice versa) therefore they are responsible to prohibiting behaviors that are detrimental to that goal. If a woman is arrested for burqa wearing she can try to win a jury nullification aquital.

    • It’s not a matter of what women wear. It’s a matter of what anyone wears. For millions of years, communication among mammals, especially among primates, has relied on picking up cues from subtle changes in facial expression. Responding to facial cues is essential to social coordination. The idea that there is no downside to making that impossible is ludicrous.

      To bring it back to human interactions, it’s almost impossible to tell whether someone wearing a burka is female or male. And, male or female, does it make sense to force banks and jewelry stores to allow people wearing burkas to enter? How about balaclavas? Should forbidding people wearing face masks from entering a bank be considered a restriction on their civil liberties?

  5. Wearing a veil of any kind changes the perception of a woman from an equal to a sexual object. If you want to do that inside a mosque, that’s your choice – tho of course you have to find a mosque that will LET women pray with men. But to wear a veil of any kind in normal public engagement is adopting a medieval view of the hierarchy of the sexes, control of women, the depiction of women as sexual objects, and has no place in a modern world. Every time a woman appears with a headscarf, she is signalling that women are DIFFERENT, that their identity is linked with SEX, that there is something ‘immodest’ (thus sexual) about their hair and their body. AND that this has an effect on MEN, so women must prevent this effect from occurring. This very twisted psychological state leads to unbearable acts against women, by men who are unable to see them as equal people, and as intellectual equals, firstly. So. No more veils in modern society in the marketplace. Do what you want when you are doing your social religious practices – but not in the commons. That is the absolute height of REAL barbarism, and we need to clearly state that the world does not accept the ranking of people by gender.

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