This is America! Man Facing Jail For Ripping Veil Off Muslim Woman

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“A man in North Carolina has pleaded guilty to ripping a hijab off of a woman’s head as they were on a flight. Gill Parker Payne faces one year in prison and a possible fine for religious obstruction. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A North Carolina man ripped off a Muslim woman’s hijab and screamed “This is America!” during a Southwest Airlines flight late last year, court documents revealed Friday.

Gill Parker Payne, 37, of Gastonia, North Carolina, pleaded guilty in a New Mexico federal court Friday to a misdemeanor hate crime charge of using force to intentionally obstruct the woman’s free exercise of her religious beliefs…

Near the end of the flight, Payne, who acknowledged that he knew the hijab is of religious significance to Muslims, walked up the aisle of the plane and stood next to the Muslim woman, whom he did not know, and whom prosecutors have identified only as “K.A.”

Payne then said something along the lines of “Take it off! This is America!” before pulling the hijab off K.A.’s head.”

Prosecutors said K.A. felt violated and quickly put her hijab back on.”*

The Young Turks: “Man Facing Jail For Ripping Hijab Off Muslim Woman”

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  1. TYTs presentation of the topic covered all the salient points: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, assault, and Islamophobia. They rightly point out that forcefully removing someone’s hijab is obstruction of religious freedom and is antithetical to the American constitution. This cannot be stressed enough: we have quickly eroded our national pride in our constitution. Nominally, we revere our constitution, but actual tenets, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, in the constitution are very quickly forgotten.

    The victim in this incident should be able to recover, but the incident reveals some worrying trends. Had this incident happened to another religious minority group, would it have received greater media coverage? The larger context also needs to be addressed: Islamophobia has created the environment which situations like these can occur.

    The editorial page editor of NYT has previously noted that there exists “an essentially separate justice system for Muslims.” He goes on to write that there are examples of “… Muslim-only legal system abound.” Trump’s insistence of precluding Muslims from entering the country, if realized, would only be one extreme example of this reality. The victim in the fight incident will hopefully recover from her discomfort, but the larger erosion of civil liberties and rights that has specifically targeted Muslims will continue unabated. The sad situation is that while this discrimination will disproportionately harm the Muslim community, it will also erode the civil liberties of all groups as this situation creates the precedent of removing rights from the individual and bequeathing unnecessary and reckless powers to the government.

  2. Hmm? Wonder what could have incited Gill Parker Payne, 37, of Gastonia, North Carolina, to be a complete embarrassment to the woman he assaulted, the passengers on the flight and our entire country?

  3. Anon: don’t worry about other religions – face this act as assault.

    Getoff… : far beyond embarrassment; assault was the action.

    Me: The fourth definition of rape might be: the improper use of force. Violence against another person has no place on a public aeroplane.

  4. Unfortunate headline, professor.
    Makes the situation seem like the perp is the victim – when that is NOT the circumstance as reported.

    • The circumstance reported exemplifies the effect the Trump/Cruz media-borne h8 campaign is having on our country.

      Not only does the TSA have to safeguard us from freshly agitated targets of extreme right-wing h8 but now there is the added burden of the weak-of-mind acting out the Trump/Cruz racist fantasies.

      Long lines at airport security? Thank Donald Trump and natural-born Canadian Ted Cruz.

  5. uppitybumkin

    No, it not all of America! It’s a byproduct of the establishment and what they let are media do!

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