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  1. interesting to see corruption in the middle east. only in israel you find that. and it is even prosecuted openly. what a corrupt country. maybe it should learn from it’s neighbors.

    • It’s prosecuted, there are no consequences just like there’s no consequences for war crimes, the right-wingers implicated in the worst of the corruption keep winning more votes as the Israelis embrace the truth greater than “democracy with Jewish characteristics”: Law is the opinion of the man with the bigger gun.

    • This is a single article about a specific incident in Israel, concerning a well-known controversial figure (Netanyahu).

      It does not claim to address every single problem in the world at the same time.

  2. If this brings down Netanyahu the way will be clear for Lieberman to run the country … god help us!

  3. That Israel is the only country in the Middle East facing political corruption is a puzzling statement: Egypt is being run by a military leader whom took power via a coup; Iraq has redefined political sectarianism and party-patronage; Syria’s ‘freely elected president’ is slaughtering thousands and refusing to step down; and Lebanon’s most powerful political party doubles as a paramilitary organization. Jordan is probably the least corrupt country in the levant, and it is still a kingdom – that is, leadership is determined by bloodline. There is literally a word used to define the common use of nepotism in everyday life – wasta (واسطة), whether it be to obtain a visa, buy a piece of property, or bribe the police.

    Good to see em’ getting after Netanyahu, though. It would be great to get the labor party elected after all of this long run for Likud.

    • Israel should unilaterally withdraw their ambassadors and sever diplomatic relations with undemocratic and corrupt Egypt and Jordan, then. And not do any trade with them, either.

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