Why does Iran fear Kim Kardashian is a 007 Targeting Tehran?

Joya Mia Italiano and Elliot Hill | (TheLipTV2 Video Report) | – –

“Iranian officials have reportedly accused Kim Kardashian West of working for Instagram as a secret agent. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp accused Kardashian West, during a news program Sunday night, of working with the social network’s CEO as part of a secret plot to target young people and women by corrupting them with sexy selfies that depict an un-Islamic lifestyle, according to a report from Iran Wire. Is Kim Kardashian a spy? We look at Iran’s crackdown on Instagram models on the Lip News with Joya Mia Italiano and Elliot Hill.”

The LipTV 2: “Is Kim Kardashian a Secret Agent For Instagram? Iran Thinks So”

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  1. Reminds me of the Christian brouhaha
    over Elvis and Rock ‘n Roll in the Fifties
    when America was suppose to be “Great”.

  2. They are saying this lady is an American cultural icon, in their conservative, religious mindset, they believe social media, saturated by such western cultural icons are a treat to Persian culture. much like how 007 and fear is the product of your cultural mind set.

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