Not the Onion: Trump: ‘No California Drought & I will Solve it’

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The presumptive GOP nominee told supporters in Fresno, California on Friday that he does not believe the state is currently facing drought-like conditions.

During an electoral campaign speech on Friday, Republican presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump told California voters that he can solve the state’s water crisis by simply declaring “there is no drought.”

Trump accused state officials of diverting precious crop water “to protect a three-inch fish,” at the behest of environmentalists.

Trump appeared to be referring to longstanding federal laws designed to protect endangered fish by ensuring the species have enough water. The rules dictate how much water from the Sacramento River must run into the ocean.

“If I win, believe me, we’re going to start opening up the water so that you can have your farmers survive,” Trump said.

Trump said he spent 30 minutes before the rally meeting with more than 50 farmers who complained to him about their struggles.

The comments came a day after Trump outlined an energy policy plan that relies heavily on expanding U.S. fossil fuel exploration and reducing environmental regulations.

Trump has said in the past he believes global warming is a concept that was invented by China to hurt the competitiveness of U.S. business.

Meanwhile, last week, Donald Trump vowed to renegotiate the global accord on climate change if elected U.S. president causing concern

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    • Frighten and under educated citizens, will do most things to injure themselves, while taking US with them, but it just won’t happen, unless the money behind him buys off the elections, or again the supremos throw US under that slow moving vechicle!

  1. Related video is intended by prof. to advertise FOR trump;
    Rather than an essay to promote a/other healthy candidate/s.
    Follow telesur funding .. . .

    • So you can read the Prof. Cole’s intent?
      The video called evidence to support what the article stated, where anyone can see the source of the comments which were at the core of the article.

  2. 2016 U.S. is deep fertile compost for media charlatan “three-inch fish” Donald Trump.

    Trump appeals to white males of LIMITED EDUCATION and opportunists who see a Trump presidency as a way to their own self-interests.

  3. Jasper

    U do know that Cali dumped most of its water into the sea? FYI the water cycle is not the same as calendar cycle

  4. I’m beginning to believe that the nation will get what it deserves if it elects Trump. I worry that the voting machine counting is not transparent. In which case it isn’t an election but a selection. I wonder, does Trump own a stake in a voting machine making company?

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