Al-Zawahiri Supports Syrian al-Qaeda, calls for more global Volunteers

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Al-Qaeda central leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, a mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, DC, has issued a new audio tape. In it, he said that the only successful revolution launched in 2011 in the Arab world was the Syrian, because it followed the right path, throwing up groups devoted to holy war and the implementation of a puritanical version of Islamic law.

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At the same time, al-Zawahiri attacked Daesh (ISIS, ISIL), a breakaway from al-Qaeda, and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

He called for volunteers to go to Syria to help those he called the holy warriors, a reference to the Support Front (Jabhat al-Nusra), the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria that has pledged allegiance to al-Zawahiri.

Al-Qaeda in Syria leads the Army of Conquest coalition and has a battlefield alliance with several so-called moderate Free Syrian Army factions. Syrian al-Qaeda has been attempting to disrupt the ceasefire worked out by the US and Russia with the Syrian regime and the remnants of the Free Syrian Army (mostly Muslim Brotherhood).

Al-Zawahiri urged his followers to struggle against the conspiracies hatched in Syria to do away with jihad or holy war. He said that the chief conspirator was Saudi Arabia, which he accused of having been midwifed by the British and which he said is a lackey of the United States.

Al-Zawahiri said that al-Qaeda in Syria did not want to impose itself as the Syrian government. Rather he said, when the Muslims choose a leader, al-Qaeda will support him. He said this is because his organization is not made up of students of political power but rather of students of how to implement religious law.

Al-Zawahiri, who murdered nearly three thousand innocent civilians, now says that al-Qaeda doesn’t want to impose itself on anyone or behead anyone, whereas Daesh is all about coercion. He castigated them as neo-Kharijites, referring to an early Islamic puritanical sect.

Recognizing that the Support Front is under enormous pressure to renounce its ties to al-Qaeda central, al-Zawahiri warned that if they did so, they’d just then be further pressured to negotiate with the brutal Syrian Baath regime, and to accept shameful diplomatic deals. Then afterward, they would be thrown in jail, as happened to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (which had renounced violence and played by the rules of electoral democracy, and was, al-Zawahiri says, shafted by the Egyptian military in the end).

Some American analysts, partisans of the hard line fundamentalist factions in Syria, saw al-Zawahiri’s instruction to al-Qaeda to let the people choose their leader as a positive. Why haven’t they learned yet that these seedy terrorist organizations play mind games with people, including being passive aggressive? The Nusra Front or al-Qaeda in Syria already holds territory, and it has forcibly converted and stolen from members of religious minorities such as the Druze. Al-Zawahiri’s speech is dishonest tradecraft, not a sign of a mellower al-Qaeda. The Nusra Front controls vast swathes of Syrian territory. My guess is that they won’t relinquish an inch of it as a result of al-Zawahiri’s speech.

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  1. NR

    What? Wasn’t he the guy who accepted Al Nusra’s departure from Al Qaeda? Yesterday?

  2. I’m thinking that this may be a ploy to get Al-Baghdadi to show himself (or his proxy) to reassure those en route to the “battle”. Aside from those DAESH soldiers committing acts of terrorism (probably small cells) all of the other would be soldiers have been either fighting defensively or cooling their heels doing “boring work” policing the local population (depending on their language proficiency) . The grand sacking vision of Baghdad has devolved to suicide truck bombs, against the military and the Shiia civlian population (same old same old pre DAESH).
    Zawahiri “reminding” the jihadis of the “original vision” and making those who accept support from the Saudis or participate with the infidel West may be a clever way to deeply undermine the negotiations “on religious/doctine ground” and give everyone a chance to ask who and what they are fighting for (as the caliphate loses ground and Baghdadi remains radio silent)

    Graeme Wood’s article in the Atlantic said that the scholars he consulted said that the caliph must remain intact for the caliphate to continue, and that there could/would be a succession of caliphs/caliphates — no harm, no foul. Perhaps Baghdadi has been more communicative than I remember, but the blood letting seems to have slowed and reports of exodus to Libya and beyond continue.
    This could be Zawahiri’s embarrassing last hurrah, although Al-Qa’eda and Pakistan Taliban are apparently at odds over the killing of atheists campaign; yesterday’s NYT suggested that the Pakistani Haqanni network is driving the bus of the Afghan Taliban (parts of which recently pledged to DAESH — I don’t remember if any or many had ever pledged to Al-Qa’eda). Also reports of AQAP in conflict with DAESH in Yemen …
    Who knew the “old dog” had so much life in it? Or Zawahiri is simply taking advantage of external events to press for Saudi-free victories.
    I don’t know how representative the ex-ISIS fighters interviewed in this article might be and/or if they’d be interested in changing horses for a purer ideology if a better pay and renewed vision were provided.
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